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imagination heals event

Imagination Heals Launch

imagination heals event

Best Drug Rehabilitation CEO Per Wickstrom, to Launch Program “Imagination Heals” Feb. 22 at Beverly Hilton

The launch of “Imagination Heals” is expected to inspire children around the country to maintain their hope regardless of their situation. Per Wickstrom, the CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, is planning to launch the program on February 22, 2013 at Beverly Hilton Hotel in the Wilshire Ballroom.

The Program

“Imagination Heals” is a program that celebrates the profound effect of music and the arts on human health. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers holistic healing and has the top experts in the field of healing through alternative medicine. The CEO, Per Wickstrom, has noticed the effects on the lives of those who are struggling with illness and the event promises to celebrate the successes, hope and happiness that art brings to others.

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[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Awards

During the event, awards will be presented to programs that focus on bringing the arts and joy to children around the country. Discovery Arts will receive the “Imagination Heals Pioneer Award” for more than 20 years of bringing the arts to children with debilitating and life-threatening illnesses. The “Butterfly Award” will be presented to Lester Chambers for his role and commitment to Pacha’s Pajamas and the program.[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Entertainment

Entertainment at the event will focus on a performance by Pacha’s Pajamas, a book reading and the awards presentation. Several confirmed celebrity guests are expected to attend, such as Cathy Rigby and Jim Brown. Although some guests are confirmed, surprise celebrity guest appearances are expected.[/one_half]

How “Imagination Heals” Helps Children

Although the February 22, 2013 event will celebrate the successes of the arts and music on the lives of children, the program is not limited to short-term successes. The goal of “Imagination Heals” is bringing art and music into the lives of children.

Children’s hospitals are seeing a large number of problems that afflict families each day. The diseases that children face are often debilitating and shocking. From problems like asthma to severe forms of cancer, children are struggling to keep a positive attitude while undergoing treatment.

“Imagination Heals” is a program that is focused on bringing music and art into the lives of children in the hospitals around the country. Music and art provide children with positive reinforcement during challenging times in their lives and helps reduce feelings of depression or anxiety that might impact a child’s life.

The music and art go beyond just helping children through the challenging times. It is also a form of alternative medicine with music or art therapy that helps distract children from pain or discomfort during their treatment. The program is also educational and entertaining to help children learn, grow and laugh while spending time in a hospital.

Donations and Opening

The “Imagination Heals” sponsors are not limiting the involvement to a night of celebration. The event is only the launch of helpful programs. Best Drug Rehabilitation and other sponsors are donating 10,000 copies of Pacha’s Pajamas soundtracks and books to different children’s hospitals around the country. The books and soundtracks will provide children with entertainment and music while they are undergoing treatment.

The launch of “Imagination Heals” will begin on February 22, 2013 at 6:00 PM. During the opening of the event and program, media interviews and the arrival of guests are expected. The entertainment will begin at 6:45 PM and will continue through the different events that are planned for the night.

The CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, Per Wickstrom, understands the profound effect of music and art on the lives of others. With the launch of “Imagination Heals,” more children will have access to music, books and the arts during times when life is full of challenges.

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