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Clients Giving Back to Community by Singing Carols at Nursing Home

Clients Sing Christmas Carols at Nursing Home as a Way of Giving Back

One of our principles at Best Drug Rehabilitation is to do our best by giving back to the community, and to teach our clients about the benefits of doing this too.  Drug and alcohol addicts are usually such strains on the lives of those around them and on their home communities in general, so it is important to really give them the opportunity to give back to the community and do good deeds.  Doing good deeds is immensely beneficial for those who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, because it not only gives them a strong sense of responsibility and activity, but it also gives them something to look forward to and something to live for.  It is the whole, “These people are relying on me so I can’t afford to relapse,” technique at work.  It is a classic rehabilitative method, and it accomplishes two goals at once by effectively helping the community too.  Giving back to others is beneficial while on the road to substance abuse recovery in many ways.

Giving Back Benefits Clients as Well as Community

In addition to the classic “pay it forward” mentality that is so very beneficial for those who are addicted, (giving to others as others have given to you), those in recovery gain perspective and physiological benefits too. These benefits stem from engaging in charitable efforts such as improved self-esteem and self-confidence too, finding more purpose and meaning in life and improving a sense of community for themselves and for their loved ones through giving back.

It is a win-win situation for many different people and it is an activity that we strongly support at Best Drug Rehabilitation.  While we recognize and are very aware of the security risks of taking clients out of the facility for a day trip to go help out with a community event, we always prepare for this and make sure that they are closely chaperoned.  We have never had an incident in our many years of doing this, and the benefits of getting our clients so very closely involved in the community just takes the cake when it comes to helping out in the community and helping our clients in giving back too.

What We Did Last Christmas

The staff and the clients at Best Drug Rehabilitation have been focused on the initiative throughout the holiday season year after year after year of engaging in community programs and volunteering their time to bring joy into the lives of others.  Recovering addicts have gotten so used to being a drag on the lives of their family members and loved ones that this type of activity is truly beneficial to them as it really does give them a chance to give back and to make a difference in the world in a positive way for once.  This activity is basically giving to others through adopted families and spreading joy to those within the community in one way or another.

Around Christmas time last year On December 20, Santa Claus (one of our own BDR staff members), the BDR music director, Dan, and numerous clients from the facility went to Green Acres nursing home in Manistee, Michigan to sing carols to the residents at the live-in home.  Best Drug Rehabilitation’s Executive Director Veronica Johnson had this to say about the trip:

  • “The clients get to experience fun and joy not associated with drugs or alcohol.  It’s wonderful to see the joy on the faces of the residents from doing something so simple. The clients really enjoyed the experience.  It’s not only a positive from a recovery standpoint, but it also allows clients to see that the holidays can be a fun experience without the temptation or use of drugs and alcohol.  There really are countless benefits.”

Johnson has been an advocate for engaging BDR clients in community volunteer programs since she took the position of Executive Director more than five years ago.  BDR’s outreach efforts extend beyond the holidays too, and every year the center facilitates multiple programs and volunteer efforts that all have the goal of engaging the clients in various community programs and volunteer activities.  The overall goal and mission is to really get the clients thinking with how they can start giving back into the community and helping out.  Volunteering time has an unmistakable reward and benefit for those who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and from substance abuse in general.

The plan for Best Drug Rehabilitation is to continue to involve their clients in community programs.  It is a win, win, win situation for all involved and all engaged in the activity, and the end result is that the community improves, and the lives and the overall sobriety of the recovered addicts improve too.  Best Drug Rehabilitation is firmly dedicated to these efforts and will continue to pursue them for years to come.


Singing Christmas carols
Clients and staff at Best Drug Rehabilitation sing Christmas carols to residents at a local nursing home.

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  • Amanda

    I love this article. I think that it is amazing and shows a lot care and compassion for the clients at Best Drug Rehabilitation to sing to the elderly on Christmas. First I love Christmas and anyone that really takes the spirit of Christmas and makes it stand true I really think that it is incredible. I think that adding the “pay it forward” method to rehab is awesome. I think you are adding the point of exchange with society back in for the person that who was addicted to drugs. Helping people is the best therapy.

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