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Clients volunteer for Lowe's

Clients build toys, bag groceries for local families

One thing that we’ve always felt important to pass on and teach to our clients is that of the importance of giving back to the community.  Drug and alcohol addicts are for so long a major strain on the survival and the vitality of the community that they are a part of, and we believe that a rehabilitation of their ability to be productive and contributing members to society should start right away while they are still in treatment, rather than waiting until they get out of treatment instead.

For the above reason, we offer many different programs and activities for our clients to involve themselves in that ultimately all leads up to them becoming better and brighter of individuals in the long run, and much more valuable to society and less likely to relapse as a result of it too.  This is a win-win situation for all involved, as the clients learn how to be more active in the community and how to focus on others and not so much on themselves, and it is good for the community too.

How We Accomplish This

Throughout the year we make a point to offer many different community-related activities to our clients.  True enough, our programs are some of the best out there we feel, and our clients certainly do benefit from them.  In particular, we tend to do a lot of community work around the holidays.

We’ve always felt that the holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and to be thankful for all that we have and to be joyous and loving in general, regardless of religion or personal beliefs. This is a time of the year that we take the time that many want to give back to those who are less fortunate.  Regular people outside of rehab centers do this all the time, so why not do the same with clients in a rehab center?  We started doing this a few years back, and we’ve kept it up as a tradition ever since then.

Best Drug Rehabilitation is definitely focused on being an integral part of their Manistee, Michigan community. We want to make a good impression here and to help out in any way we can.  For these reasons, our staff and patients alike look for opportunities to celebrate where they are today, and also to give back to those around them in an effort to give back to humanity, since humanity never did turn their back on them no matter how bad their addictions got.

Last Christmas at Best Drug Rehabilitation

Last year our clients here at Best Drug Rehabilitation teamed up with Lowe’s to build toys for children and for families in need.  The toys that our clients made were then donated to children at the Mason County Central Schools, who were selected as being in need of such toys with the help of the Mason County Reformed Food Pantry.  This experience gave our clients a feeling of purpose and joy, knowing that they were effectively helping to improve someone’s life in some way, shape, or form.

This project had such a great result on our clients last year that we took another step with it and started another project just a week later, a few days into the new year of 2016.  We teamed up with the Mason County Reformed church.  This church is famous for hosting a food pantry every week, where they have been able to donate to no less than 88 families in need in the Mason County central schools in the holiday season of 2015 alone. To help reach this number of 88, clients from BDR under the supervision of staff members helped to bag groceries and move items from the church to where they would be sent out for delivery to the families.

This was only one of many community efforts that our clients have engaged in, and we plan to do more in this realm in the future too, simply because it is good to give back to the community and it is very helpful for our clients.  Our Executive Director had this to say about it:

  • “Our patients have come a long way in their lives, overcoming a lot of challenges. It’s gratifying for them to be able to now help those around them.  Being able to get out and involved in the community helping others, especially around the holidays, is something we don’t take for granted.”

We will continue these programs, and we know that they will continue to be very helpful to our clients and to the community alike.  In the long run, our hope is to make the world a better place, not just one rehabilitated addict at a time, but also by each and every act of kindness that we as a group engage in.


Clients volunteer for Lowe's
BDR clients build toys for local children through Lowe’s.

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