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Elk Rapids High School Baseball

Best Drug Rehabilitation Donates to Elk Rapids High School Baseball

It’s been an ongoing mission and focus of Best Drug Rehabilitation (BDR), a rehabilitation facility in Manistee, Michigan, to do their part in local communities to help nurture youth, and support events that encourage healthy behavior and aim to keep kids away from drugs and alcohol. On August 7, Executive Director of BDR Amber Howe presented a check for $1,000 to the Elk Rapids High School baseball team. The event, put on by the school’s baseball boosters, took place during Elk Rapids High School annual “Future Games,” in which returning baseball players and incoming freshman face off in an intra-squad exhibition.

“It was a privilege to represent my amazing team at the ‘Future Games’,” said Howe. “We were honored to kick off the fundraising, and to take a leadership role in support of such a worthy cause.”Former Detroit Lions’ All-Pro wide receiver Herman Moore threw out the first pitch to kick things off, and all funds donated, including those made by BDR, will be used to improve the school’s baseball field, which is in need of significant repairs.Moore was joined on the field by BDR’s CEO Per Wickstrom, who sees a greater value in funding these types of events.

For Wickstrom and his staff, it goes beyond just supporting high school athletics.

“Baseball and other high school sports are a vital part of a community’s social fabric –and even more in smaller, tight-knit communities like Elk Rapids,” said Wickstrom. “The benefits and impact extend far beyond victories on the field, court, rink or gym. They give kids opportunities and outlets that are positive, uplifting and pay dividends for the rest of their lives.

“They can also play a significant role in helping kids avoid situations and influences that could eventually lead to drug and alcohol experimentation, abuse and addiction.”

It takes the generosity of places like BDR to make a difference in the lives of these kids, as well as their communities, and the hope is that the continuation of this event, and others like it, will instill good values for their future.

“The greatest thing about it is that it keeps the kids busy, it keeps them out of trouble,” said Wickstrom during the event. “Athletics are the best. If you get all the young kids educated with what drugs are, we’d be a lot further ahead with all of the problems that we have.”

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