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Addict Thanks Recovery for Giving Him a New Chance at Life

Todd’s life was spiraling out of control. He was losing his friends he had known since he was ten, and his family started to ignore his phone calls. His boss fired him after a month of Todd misbehaving and acting rude to other co-workers. Todd couldn’t understand how this was all happening at the same time, and even though he knew his addiction was the reason why all of this was happening, he couldn’t stop using. He needed the high to function, and he couldn’t imagine his life clean and sober – mostly because he didn’t believe he’d make it if he were to quit. When his mother called and told him this was the last he’d ever hear from her until he made some changes, he had a decision to make. His mother meant the world to him, and he knew it was serious when she wouldn’t speak to him again. Even though he doubted himself and thought he might die if he quit, he decided to enter rehab to try and undo all the damage he had done. He knew he had to try to have this new chance at life.

Finding the Rehab

Still high, Todd decided to do some research on different rehabs around his area. He had heard horror stories from a few of his friends about bad experiences at rehab and didn’t want his to be the same. If he was going to go to rehab, then he needed it to be the one that would get him sober. After a few days of researching each facility and even calling them to make sure they were right for him, he decided on one and got a taxi to it. As soon as he entered the facility, he felt scared, but also excited. He signed a few papers and began his journey to sobriety.

Todd’s Rehab Experience

The very first thing Todd did was a medical detox. It was by far the worst thing he had experienced physically, and he wasn’t sure he’d even make it through. However, the staff kept telling him everything would be better and that he just had to get through the first several days. As each day passed, Todd felt a little bit better. Some days were worse than others, but he stuck to it until his detoxification was eventually done. He felt incredible, bright, happy and for the first time, he felt like there weren’t clouds in his head. He was excited to continue with his treatment program.

Todd learned a great deal about himself through therapy and the classes he took in rehab. He learned more about his addiction than he ever thought was possible. He never thought he would have liked group therapy, but as it turns out, he enjoyed meeting other people who were in similar situations as him and gaining valuable advice and ways to cope with them. He felt as if he was finally apart of a community and liked that he had a place he belonged. He knew that these people would be able to give him the support he needed, even after rehab.

Returning Home

Near the end of Todd’s program, he met with his aftercare counselor who helped him prepare for his return home. Todd felt like a brand new person, and he was excited to show how he changed to his family and friends. He knew he needed to start to mend the relationships he had damaged before he left for rehab, so he created a plan and began to do so. By the time Todd returned home, he was able to be on good terms with his family and most of his friends again. He was able to get another job where he could do well. Todd went from thinking he wouldn’t make it if he quit drugs and alcohol to become clean, sober and living the life he always wanted. He is still thankful for his new chance at life.

Thanks to rehab Trevis changed his entire life

Thanks to Rehab, Trevis Changed His Entire Life

Trevis was hopeless and alone as he had his next hit. He thought he would be able to quit at any point if he wanted to. He convinced himself he wasn’t like everyone else who said they could quit, but really couldn’t. He was bored and unhappy with the way his life was going and decided to try quitting. After several hours went by, Trevis couldn’t handle the severe withdrawal symptoms he was already facing. He took another hit and felt relief. All this time he thought he didn’t have a problem because he was choosing to use drugs. However, now that he wanted to quit and actually couldn’t, he felt out of control and knew he needed help. Thanks to rehab, he found it.

Entering Rehabilitation

Trevis didn’t do a lot of research, but he knew he needed a rehabilitation facility that could take care of him. He decided to enter a facility that was close by, Best Drug Rehabilitation. As he walked into the facility, he felt nervous and hopeless. However, as soon as he got through the door, things started to change. The first night alone made him feel better, and he knew he was making the right decision. As Trevis went through detoxification, his withdrawal symptoms got worse and worse. He felt exhausted, emotional and insecure. He didn’t know how he would make it through the rest of his treatment program.

Once detoxification has come to an end, Trevis was finally starting to feel more like himself. He had actually forgotten what it felt like to be 100 percent himself. He didn’t realize he had lost such a huge part of him due to drugs. A fellow patient told Trevis a joke, and for the first time, he legitimately laughed, and it felt really good to feel that emotion again. As treatment went on, Trevis experienced all sorts of emotions again, emotions that he had been numb to for years.

The counseling, skills, and tools he received made it easier for him to deal with these new emotions and difficult situations he may experience in the future. He started to discover more about himself and why he started using drugs in the first place. Trevis also realized he was responsible for damaging a lot of his friendships and family relationships. He knew he needed to attempt to mend them to live the life of sobriety he wanted to. So, Trevis sat down with an advisor and created a plan of action to help him make amends to those he had harmed.

Thanks to Rehab, Trevis Graduated from Treatment

The day came faster than he thought it would. What started off originally as a challenge to himself to quit using, became a new life he never thought was possible for himself. At the end of his treatment program, he felt confident and ready to return home with his new life skills under his belt. While he was still in rehab, he started reaching out to friends and family and showing them how he had changed. Many of his relationships have been fixed, and he is happy to be starting on the rest of his recovery with a strong support system.

When Trevis graduated his treatment program, he began taking steps towards his goals of getting a job he enjoyed, a home he was proud of and beginning a relationship with someone he could have a family with. With the help of his aftercare program and his family, he was able to find a good job that he felt happy to be a part of. He has been able to find a community he can be apart of at work and outside of work at support groups. Trevis has been able to change his entire life around by entering rehabilitation, and he hopes others who are struggling with an addiction can achieve the same.

new life after rehab

Man Enters Rehab a Drunk and Leaves with a New Life

Walking down the street, drunk and tired, Trevor felt ready to give up right then and there. As he stumbled down the street he got into an argument with an older man; the reason he couldn’t remember. He kept mumbling his thoughts and felt angry towards the world. How did it get this bad? Trevor had a family, friends and a decent job at one point, but that was pretty much all gone now. Although drunk, Trevor knew he needed to change something. Somewhere inside of him, he was aware that this wasn’t how his life was meant to be and that he can do better. As he kept walking down the street, he came across an ad for a rehab facility and saw it as a sign to take control of his addiction.

Entering Rehabilitation

The next day, Trevor made it to the rehab facility with the help of a family member. Still drunk from the night before, he walked in and told the receptionist he needed help. He went to detoxification immediately and started the process of becoming sober. The withdrawal symptoms came sooner than he thought and they were worse than he imagined. Trevor hardly slept for the next five days, but as the withdrawal symptoms became less and less, Trevor started to feel normal again. He began to think more clearly and felt brighter in general.

When detoxification was complete, he continued with his treatment program. Trevor’s treatment program consisted of therapy and classes that taught him tools he could use to handle his addiction. Therapy was what made Trevor realize that he was not alone. Several other people were in a similar situation as his. For the first time in his life, he felt he was a part of a community he could trust and turn to for help.

The classes were what he was missing all along. Trevor noticed right away the difference these tools made on his life. He started to communicate better with others, he was able to control his anger better, and he felt confident he could fix the issues he had caused with his family members. At the end of his treatment program, 45 days later, Trevor felt healthier, wiser, and confident enough to return home.

Overcoming Hardships with Recovery After Rehab

Trevor thought the hard part was over, and while he had overcome a big challenge, he realized he had more challenges to overcome. Returning to his life after rehab was painful. He had to re-create a life for himself that embodied his new values and goals to maintain his sobriety. He started with finding a new job with a company he respected. Once he reached that goal, he began to look for a new place to live. Using the tools he learned in rehab; he noticed he was reaching his goals faster than he thought was possible.

As Trevor reminisced over his active addiction, he realized how far he had come. He went from wanting to give up his life to creating a life full of happiness and sobriety in a matter of a few months. While Trevor wishes he would have entered rehabilitation sooner, he doesn’t regret anything that happened because if it weren’t for his addiction, he would have never learned the skills he now knows, and he would have never had the opportunity to have a support system that he could rely on. Rehab made Trevor feel confident that he could maintain his sobriety no matter what challenge comes up. With confidence comes security, and with security comes happiness.

starting over after rehab

How Willie Started Over After Rehab

Willie had forgotten how to live. He forgot how to be truthful, how to be successful, how to hold onto a job; he forgot how to be himself, and that was the most upsetting part of it. Each time he used drugs or alcohol, strips of him were going away. At first, he thought it was a good thing because he didn’t really like who he was that much anyway, but now, more of him is gone than he wanted. Sick and tired of feeling lost, Willie knew what had to be done to find his way again. He knew he would hate it and feared it wouldn’t work, but drug rehabilitation was the only solution he could think of.

Finding the Rehab

Without many friends or family to do the research for him, Willie did his best to figure out which rehab facility would be a good option for him. In a hazy state, Willie lightly searched around and thought Best Drug Rehabilitation could help him get clean. As he entered the facility, he felt a sense of relief but also felt nervous for what was to come. He knew his withdrawal symptoms would not be easy.

Willie’s Rehab Experience

As soon as he signed all of the papers and got settled in, he was taken to detoxification. The first week was dreadful, and he started to doubt if he could make it through rehab. He couldn’t sleep even though he was exhausted and the withdrawal symptoms became so severe that he didn’t think it was even worth going into rehab. When he was close to finishing detoxification, he noticed that his withdrawal symptoms were finally coming to an end and he saw subtle changes within himself. He felt a clearness in his head that hadn’t been there in years, and his reactions to many things had changed for the better.

After detoxification, Willie started his treatment program that was tailor-made for him. During his treatment program, he learned tools to ensure he can be successful – something he always wanted while he was using. He has learned more about himself than he ever thought he could and understands why he got into drugs and alcohol in the first place. Willie started to finally feel as though he had found himself again and could start to recognize the person inside him.

Life After Rehab

After rehabilitation, Willie had to start and overcome a new challenge in his life. He wanted to make amends to the family and friends he had deceived and hurt while he was using. He also wanted to start taking action on his goals, some of which was to get a good job, have a nice home and to have friends and family he can trust and who can trust him. As he has started taking steps on these goals, he has been able to use the tools he learned from his treatment program to help him become successful in all aspects of his life. He has fixed the relationships of some of his family and friends so far and has started a new job that he is excited about.

The idea of starting over was an obstacle Willie had to overcome, and while life after rehab has been challenging, he is full of hope and promise for the future. He is grateful that he can have a second chance at living a sober life where he can redeem himself and redefine as spiritually and mentally, as well as physically. Rehabilitation has made Willie confident that he can be successful in his life again.

overcoming drug addiction

How Zackary Overcame Drug Addiction

It was the weekend, and he was out with friends. This time had been the third time he had tried to stop using drugs on his own, but his friends always got him to use again. He knew drugs were destroying him slowly, but he felt weak when it came to saying no. “I’ve already taken them before, they won’t do much more harm if I use again,” is what Zackary thought to himself right before he gave in to his friend for nagging at him about taking a hit. That last hit felt weird to him; it didn’t feel like what he had taken before. As Zackary was about to ask if it was laced with something, he started tripping harder than he ever had.

He couldn’t remember much of what had happened when the drug finally started to wear off. All he knew was that he was upset, tired, and stuck in a trap he didn’t know how to get out of. He whipped out his laptop and typed in “best rehab centers near me” and clicked search. He scrolled until he came to Best Drug Rehab and decided to check it out. He read over the entire website and thought if he ever wanted a chance to find peace with himself again, he would need to go here.

Zackary’s Rehab Experience

Zackary made an appointment to visit the facility and toured it. He decided he was going to enter rehab that day. He felt proud for taking this big step on his recovery journey, but he also felt scared, nervous, and anxious. Soon after he signed in and got acquainted with the facility, he was brought to the detoxification center. He could tell that this was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done so far in his life. The first week and a half of detox felt like he was stuck in a nightmare. His withdrawal symptoms were intense, and he couldn’t stop it. He kept reminding himself why he was doing this in the first place and that it would be worth it in the end. When detoxification was over, the withdrawal symptoms were gone, and he already felt 100 times better.

Zackary then started his customized treatment plan. He learned a lot about himself and got to have conversations with others who had very similar situations to him. Zackary used to feel alone when it came to feeling trapped by drugs, especially since his friends didn’t seem bothered by it. He was happy to meet people who felt the same way. Zackary learned the tools that he was missing to help him remain sober and live a successful life. During his treatment program, he learned how to control his anxiety and face his problems so he wouldn’t have to use drugs as a crutch anymore. The best part of rehab for Zackary was that he finally started to have self-respect and love for himself again. He hadn’t felt that in many years and he never thought he’d be able to gain that back.

Re-entering Society After Rehab for Drug Addiction

Zackary felt ready to re-enter the world when his addiction treatment program was over. He felt confident enough to be able to handle any challenges that came his way and to remain sober for a very long time. Life after rehab wasn’t a walk in the park; it was hard work, and there were many challenges he had to overcome. While he knew he had changed, it had to be proven to many people he had lied to and deceived while he was using. Now, Zackary has gained back the trust of his family and many of his friends and is on the road to a successful life and recovery from addiction.

Cerisse’s Recovery Month Review at Best Drug Rehabilitation

“There is Hope”

Drug Addiction isn’t hopeless. Best Drug Rehabilitation can Help. Call Today.

This National Addiction Recovery Month, Best Drug Rehabilitation is providing hope where there wasn’t hope to be found. Cerisse and BDR are celebrating her recovery from alcohol and heroin addiction this September.

Cerisse came to BDR 12 years clean of heroin, but suffering from alcohol addiction. She started out drinking a glass of wine at night, but soon began hiding vodka from her husband. On Easter, Cerisse’s husband reached his breaking point and kicked her out of the house.

This Recovery Month, we’re celebrating Cerisse’s sobriety and safe return home to her family.

With Best Drug Rehabilitation’s help, Cerisse now understands the underlying issues contributing to her addiction. Through our residential, individualized addiction treatment programs, Cerisse and all of our graduates learn and develop the coping and life skills they need to succeed during and beyond our addiction rehabilitation program.

For Cerisse, being able to focus on the things she loves and enjoys doing was crucial to her addiction recovery. In her recovery month review video, Cerisse offers advice to those suffering from substance abuse and/or chemical dependency. She wants you to know: “There is hope. You just have to want it and be ready to make that change.”


SAMHSA 2016 Recovery Month Banner

Learn more about SAMHSA Recovery Month


Focus On Recovery – A Lifestyle Transformation

Four BDR graduates find that overcoming addiction is much more than just getting clean and sober. They all have learned that you must keep your focus on recovery for a lifetime of sobriety. Here are their stories.

Struggling with addiction is an extremely difficult time for any person to go through. A hectic lifestyle, often plagued by legal troubles, wreaks havoc on the emotional health of an individual, as well as their friends and family. Many times, there are countless lies and dishonesty, theft, isolation, broken promises, mistrust – countless ways that relationships can be damaged and families end up torn apart. The heartache becomes too much to bear, and the individual or their loved ones finally seek out professional help.

Best Drug Rehab Helps Clients Focus on Recovery

Being able to keep one’s focus on recovery can be a difficult prospect in itself. Many people simply have no idea where to turn, and the options available can be overwhelming. They don’t understand that there are many different methods of rehabilitation, many paths to overcoming addiction and may even believe that they are all the same. They don’t know how important it is to make sure that the treatment center is a good fit for the individual. All they know is that they can’t live like this anymore and that they are looking for a way to fix it.

One of the biggest problems that people have when they are fighting against their addictive behaviors, and one of the biggest causes of relapse, is the idea that rehabilitation is a “quick fix” for someone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. It is anything but. Overcoming addiction is a tough road to travel and requires hard work and dedication. Without making a personal commitment to focus on recovery, no program or facility is going to be able to help someone beat his or her addiction. There is no such thing as a “quick fix”, and not all recovery programs and treatment facilities are the same.

The addiction treatment strategy at Best Drug Rehabilitation was developed taking this into account. We don’t just focus on helping our patients to get clean and sober. We help them to find the tools and skills that will help them to achieve long-term sobriety. By addressing the causes of their addictive behaviors, such as past traumas rather than the symptoms of those behaviors (the actual abuse of drugs or alcohol), we are really teaching them to focus on recovery, not just on getting sober.

Jenna’s Story

If the focus of a program is just to quit using drugs or alcohol, the chances of relapse are much higher. This was a lesson that Jenna, a recent graduate of the BDR program, learned the hard way. She had actually been clean for 14 months before a relapse hit her hard, devastating her family. Through her treatment at our rehabilitation center, Jenna made a startling discovery. “I didn’t have a whole lot of self-worth,” she admits. “I have a beautiful three-year-old boy at home. I was doing it all for him and for my husband. That doesn’t work. I thought ‘If everybody else approved of what Jenna was doing, I’d be okay’. That wasn’t what it was supposed to be.”

Jenna realized that she had been going about it wrong. Her main focus was the happiness of her family, rather than keeping her focus on recovery from addiction. Repairing the damaged relationships that have resulted from a person’s substance abuse is important, but the main focus in recovery must be on the individual. If they are healthy, happy, and have found inner peace, the rest will follow. Jenna discovered that she needed to work on herself first. “As hard as it is, I’m going to go straight from here and go to sober living,” she says. “It’s not easy, but whatever is easy in life doesn’t mean that’s the right choice. Sure, it’d be easy to pop back home. But it was easy to pop a pill.”

Cerisse’s Story

Cerisse made a similar discovery when, after many years of being clean and sober, she got a little too comfortable. “I do have 12 years free from heroin right now,” she says. “I thought I was ok. I started drinking a glass of wine at night, which was okay at first, and then it turned into me hiding alcohol from my husband.” Despite all of her efforts to hide her drinking, Cerisse’s husband knew what was going on. He approached her about it, and they both agreed that she needed to get help.

Cerisse had stopped focusing on her sobriety and staying clean. She thought she had been “cured”. But, she discovered what so many others have before her – there is no “quick fix” for addiction. During her time at our treatment center, she realized that recovery is about learning how to live life and handle daily stress without using drugs or alcohol to cope. It is about handling issues and negative emotions in a positive way, and addressing the causes of her substance abuse rather than just the symptoms. “My advice to others is that there is hope,” she offers. “It can be done, it’s just something that you have to work at on a day-to-day basis. There is hope out there, you just have to be ready to make that change.” Cerisse now knows that she has to continually keep her focus on recovery.


Kyle’s Story

Many of the clients that we see in our recovery center are in a hopeless and despairing emotional state. Kyle, who had been using drugs and alcohol since he was only 10 years old, was one of them. His drug use had progressed further and further over the years, and he had lost all hope. “Many times I would lie in bed after using and I just didn’t feel like living anymore,” he admits. His wife and daughter knew something was wrong, and they approached him about it. Kyle was flatly honest with them, and together they searched for help.

When Kyle got to BDR, he was still struggling, and he was unsure of just how much help our program would be to him, a middle-aged man who had been using for much longer than he had not been. He noticed that he was older than some of the other clients, and this worried him at first. He soon realized that he had no reason to worry. “I think the greatest thing about this place is the peers,” he says. “Initially, I thought that I didn’t want to be around the kids here, but I’ve learned more from those kids.” Kyle now understands that, no matter how young or old a person may be, as long as we keep our focus on recovery, everyone has something to teach.


Graham’s Story

How does the Best Drug Rehabilitation substance abuse treatment strategy keep such an intensive focus on recovery rather than just getting clean and sober? A big part of what makes our treatment plan so effective is the wide variety of program options that we offer from which our clients can choose. Each person is a unique individual, traveling unique journeys through life. Each will have different needs and find different treatments to be more beneficial as making their own unique journeys through the recovery process. Graham, another amazing graduate of the BDR program, explains: “The fact that I got to choose was really appealing to me because a lot of the places that you go, they choose for you, or it’s strictly a 12-Step program or SMART Recovery program. You have choices here.” He was able to focus on recovery at his own pace and in the way that he found, with guidance from his counselor and case manager, to be best suited to his individual needs. Graham gained a sense of confidence in himself and in his recovery, and he understands that maintaining sobriety is a personal responsibility. Like all of our graduates, he knows that there is no such thing as a “quick fix” for addiction and that if he wants to stay substance-free, he must continuously focus on recovery.


Rehab Success Stories

6 Incredible Rehab Success Stories

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Do you feel hopeless about overcoming your addiction? Do you love someone who can’t seem to stop using drugs? There is help and hope. Six rehab success stories provide inspiration you need to keep moving forward and working to achieve the addiction recovery you crave.

1. Jeanette

At the age of 33, Jeanette tried drugs for the first time. Eventually, she became a meth addict with legal trouble, medical challenges, and family estrangement. After asking her family for help, she entered rehab. Today, she’s been sober for 14 months and is repairing the damage caused by drugs.

Jeanette tells people how addiction took over and ruined her life before she noticed what was happening. However, she reports that regaining her purpose is the greatest part of recovery. Not only is her self-esteem growing every day, but she’s working in a drug rehab and finding fulfillment helping others live addiction-free.

2. Paul

By the age of seven, alcohol and marijuana use were so commonplace in Paul’s home that he joined in. At 17, he needed whatever drugs he could get to survive every day. After smuggling drugs, he got into legal trouble and lost everything by age 28.

The next few years saw Paul move from being clean to being in jail for heroin possession. He finally realized in 2002 that he needed to change. Drug rehab helped him get clean. It also taught him how to handle life without drugs and alcohol, and Paul is excited about moving forward into a new life.

3. Keith

Keith remembers his first drug binge in 1970. In 1999, he realized he didn’t care whether he lived or died. That’s when he stopped in at a rehab. The intake counselor suggested he stay a few days. Fortunately, he agreed. He also learned that he could choose to return to active addiction or choose recovery.

Through the ups and downs, Keith recovered his physical well-being, mental faculties, and spiritual understanding. He now encourages addicts to keep trying to overcome their addiction. Everyone is worthy of love and deserves to be clean.

4. Caitlin

When her parents found out that 14-year-old Caitlin was smoking marijuana and using benzodiazepines, they sent her to therapeutic wilderness camp. She responded by using harder drugs, finding bad friends and getting into legal trouble. In and out of jail, she also kept using off and on for several years. Her family eventually cut her off. Even though she was isolated, she felt stuck and unable to change.

After cooking meth for several months, Caitlin decided to enter a drug rehab. She failed the initial fitness test. However, her trainer encouraged her to exercise, lift weights, and run. Today, her body and relationships with family members are on the mend. She says it feels good to do things together and be close again now that she’s clean.

5. Burnell

By the age of 44, Burnell had been in and out of rehab several times. He had first started using crack cocaine to lose weight. The drug did help him lose weight, but he found that he couldn’t stop using, was broke, and started to steal from his family.

Unfortunately, his drug use became worse after each attempt to get clean. His Good Friday 2013 relapse led him to attempt suicide. He finally decided to try rehab once more and make it stick. His persistence helped him regain self-respect and start loving himself.

Burnell is proud to say that he now has more confidence in himself. He admits that he has to work hard, but the effort is worthwhile. Being clean feels amazing. His story is truly a rehab success story.

6. Donna

After trying several rehabs, Donna felt frustrated. Nothing was working. She finally realized she needed a holistic rehab. Here, she exercised three times a week and participated in yoga, karate, acupuncture, and vitamin therapy. She also attended cognitive therapy that really got to the heart of her addiction instead of just asking her how she was feeling. Today, Donna remains clean. She credits the holistic approach with helping her understand her addiction and deal with the triggers and challenges in a healthy way.

These six rehab success stories can inspire you to seek the drug treatment you need. Are you ready? There’s no quick fix, but rehab and the tools you learn there will help you recover successfully. Get started today with your rehab success story.


Drug Rehab Success Story: Sheldon from Houston, Texas


Sheldon graduated from Best Drug Rehab in November. I sat down with Sheldon to discuss his recovery and his experience at BDR.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]How is Best Drug Rehab different?

[one_half last=”no”] It’s completely different. I’ve done the 12-step program.

This was the third drug rehab center I went to, and all the others were just a place to go and spend time. No one truly cared about me. But here, the staff has been through what I went through.

They know the heartache, they know the pain, and they trusted me. When I arrived at BDR, somebody was actually there to believe in me and stand behind me and help me through it. They understood me and knew what I was feeling.[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

It was excellent. I absolutely loved it. I got along with everybody. It was just an overall friendly place where everybody helped me in one way or another.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]Why did Best Drug Rehabilitation work for you?

[one_half last=”no”]

[fontawesome icon=”heart” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Personal Care

BDR works on a personal level, and that helps a lot.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation you have to do your programs, but you don’t necessarily have to do their programs. At other rehabs, you’re really not required to push yourself to achieve anything. You’re often just there spending your time, without much to show for it.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, though, they encourage you to do more.[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

[fontawesome icon=”pencil” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Awesome Activities

You have groups to go to. When you do go, you get rewarded. BDR pushes you to do your work, which helps you when you get out because you have the motivation to accomplish something. Then you can participate in fun activities, like bowling and socializing, which reorient you to life in the outside world. You don’t feel that people are walking over you any more. You learn to communicate what you’re feeling, to project yourself out into society more. You actually learn those skills in your groups.[/one_half]

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]What was the relationship between the staff and the clients?

It was excellent. I absolutely loved it. I got along with everybody. It was just an overall friendly place where everybody helped me in one way or another. If I was ever having a bad day, I’d go talk to Nurse Kelly or somebody on staff — everyone at BDR was there to support me. Or, if I was just not recognizing what I was supposed to be doing in that moment, they’d give me a little space. They would take me outside, talk with me to figure out what was going on, and try to work through it instead of just punishing me.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]How do you feel now that you are sober?

I have more energy. I have more motivation. I get along better with my family. I get along better with my son. My days are productive; they go by faster. I feel youthful again, like I have a purpose.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]Would you recommend Best Drug Rehabilitation to other people?

Yes, I would.

Join Other Successful Drug Rehab Graduates

Contact us today to start your journey to recovery and join our other successful graduates. You can take back control of your life.


Steve Machat and His Daughter

Hi, my name is Steven Machat. I’m a citizen of the United States, and I met Per because he runs a drug rehab – it’s called Best Drug Rehab.  I was in need of trying to find an alternative method of helping my daughter.  I learned the hard way all these answers, when my daughter became inflicted with the need to do drugs.  She’s been in almost every (whatever you want to call it), I call it prisons, but she’s been in almost every one of these drug rehab prisons because they make a lot of money out of you.  And what they do is a pharmaceutical game – they put you on these pills and then you have to come back to get the pill.

So I love my daughter, and I’ve suffered, and she’s been looking to figure out what is her reason to be.  Hopefully, Margo will rebound and become the light  for people that are looking for a reason to be.

A mutual friend of ours, Per’s and mine, said “Steven, I may have the answer for your daughter.  This is a company that does not allow them to take pills.”  So when Margo had her latest breakdown, because she’s been on the path and she’s trying to get it together, and she’s so bright, but she fights that bright with darkness because she’s scared of who and what she can be.  But sooner or later I pray every day that she’ll step into her shoes.  And so, I met Per and Per said to me, “There’s no drugs here,”
[one_half] So with Per, my daughter went to his place, I’ll say February 1st, and she graduated from his course.  She was off drugs, and it was a very happy time when I went there in May and she was working with him.  I ran around Michigan; it was lovely; I love Michigan, I had never been to Michigan.
[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

She was off drugs, and it was a very happy time

So I thought Per’s company would help Margo with love, but Margo has demons – we all have demons.  And she fell into her demons again.  And she escaped from reality and she ran off and ended up in Charleston, West Virginia, and it broke my heart.  So I ended up, I ended up getting her back to Per so she could detox.  And she went back to Per, and for whatever reason the personalities and everything at this place didn’t work; or maybe Margo was basically cured.

So Margo got angry; she had to be there because I know one truth: when you’re ready to stop living on drugs, to put shadows on your lights with ceilings, you don’t need anyone.  And maybe my daughter at that moment in time was really ready, so she escaped.  With anger she was striking out that she was there.  She wrote things that one day she’ll regret, because I believe my daughter needs to live in love.

Right now she’s in LA  – I was visiting with her.  I believe, and I’m a father so besides believing, I’m hoping it to be true – I believe she’s ready to move forward. And if my daughter can teach the lessons of the misery caused by drugs, making no thought except being an animal – drugs make you an animal because you have no love, it shuts it off.  They end up robbing you; they end up stealing from you, and they end up piercing your heart.

My daughter right now, and I thank Per, because you know something?  We learned it in mathematics: a negative and a negative can make a positive.  I believe my daughter is clean: she’s at home, she’s working, she’s talking, she’s reading, and she’s engaging with me.  And I hope it’s alright, and I thank Per.

Things don’t turn out rosie, but if they turn out in light, then there’s brightness.  I’ve no problem with Per; I have no problem with what he did, and I’m speaking as the father of the Machats.

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