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Best Drug Rehabilitation Attends Rally For Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, is a grueling mess in the nation today. Many feel the effects of it whether they are themselves addicted or whether they know someone who is. Studies show that roughly twenty-three million Americans are addicted, equating to about one out of every three American families having an extended family member who is addicted, and one out of eight families who have an immediate family member who is hooked. No matter how you look at it, this is a true problem and, if nothing is done about it, it is here to stay. Rally for Recovery is a local event which raises awareness about drug and alcohol abuse.

A few drug addiction rehabilitation centers have taken to working on not only rehabilitating their clients but also on promoting drug and alcohol addiction awareness to prevent addiction from spreading effectively. Best Drug Rehabilitation is one such center. To raise awareness and to get the message out, Best Drug Rehabilitation staff and clients alike recently attended the “Rally for Recovery,” a local event for raising awareness of the truth about drug and alcohol abuse.

Tackling Addiction the Best Drug Rehabilitation Way

There are two ways to fight addiction in any given area, and both must be worked at for there to be any success. The first is of course rehabilitation, and this is the job of actual rehabilitation centers to take people who are actively addicted to and abusing drugs and alcohol and put them through detox and rehab both to clean them up and recover them for life. The other method is that of prevention. Prevention is the category of removing addiction that involves anything that works to get people to stay away from drugs and alcohol before they even start. Prevention also includes actions taken but law enforcement to get drugs out of an area, bust trafficking rings, or stop drunk drivers.

Prevention is usually the job of federal, state, county, and city governments. Rehabilitation is the role of individual rehab centers. This year though, Best Drug Rehabilitation is going a step above and committing not only rehabilitating thousands of drug and alcohol addicts every year but also to make an effort at preventing substance abuse from even happening in the State of Michigan. Best Drug Rehabilitation wants to see a sober Michigan, and they have committed themselves to activities and events like the Rally for Recovery to get their message across to as many people as possible.

Prevention and Awareness Stops Addiction

Individuals who are addicted who make it go right to go to rehab and to get clean will find a happier, healthier, and more confident way of life, and a sense of confidence and optimism for a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones too. But wouldn’t it be better if they didn’t have to go to rehab in the first place? Sure beating addiction makes a person stronger, but wouldn’t it be better if no one had to experience addiction at all? That is the ultimate goal at Best Drug Rehabilitation. The Rally for Recovery is only one of many major events that Best Drug Rehabilitation engages in, and this rehab center has firmly put itself out there as a rehab center that is dedicated to the cause of not just rehabilitating people, but of stopping addiction from ever occurring in its community and all across Michigan for that matter.

Now it is hoped that more rehab centers rise and accept the gauntlet that Best Drug Rehabilitation has thrown down. Now is the time for rehab centers to be more than just rehab centers. A genuinely effective rehab center is a rehab center that not only recovers people but that also involves itself in the community. Now more than ever that service is desperately needed.

2016 Reel Recovery Film Festival NYC Banner

BDR Sponsors REEL Recovery Film Festival in NYC

Best Drug Rehabilitation proudly announces our Official Sponsorship of the 2016 New York City REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium. REEL Recovery is a week-long event (Sept. 23rd – 29th) that highlights the important work of filmmakers on topics such as addiction, mental illness, recovery, treatment, and sobriety. The festival features full-length motion pictures, shorts, documentaries, and other works relevant to substance abuse issues. This event – which has been dubbed the “Sundance” of Recovery – brings together filmmakers, treatment providers, individuals in recovery, medical professionals, and activists in sharing an important message: “Treatment Works.”

This year, the NYC leg of the REEL Recovery’s film festivals shares the month of September with National Addiction Recovery Month. REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium NYC is considered one of the longest recovery themed events in the country, rivaled only by its own week-long LA festival. What better way to celebrate life and recovery than by sponsoring our nation’s longest recovery event.

“Once a Cheerleader”

We chose to introduce and feature the film “Once a Cheerleader” on Monday, September 26th at the REEL Recovery Film Festival in NYC. Our screening of the film was met with much enthusiasm and positive feedback.

“Once a Cheerleader” is a dramatization of the true and far too common story of high school students falling into the world of drugs and crime. The film calls attention to the ease in which drugs enter and destroy the lives of our youth in the United States. It underscores the danger in stigmas and stereotypes surrounding drugs and reminds audiences that even students who appear to have everything going for them are vulnerable to the slippery slope of substance abuse.

“Once a Cheerleader” is produced by the non-profit initiative Stopping Addiction with Family Education – a group founded by none other than our very own founder and CEO, Per Wickstrom. Mitchell Stuart directed the 38-minute film.

In light of the overwhelmingly positive audience feedback, REEL Recovery plans to show the film multiple times during their LA festival in late October.

We’re honored for the opportunity to share in this week-long event while raising awareness of the US Addiction epidemic.

Interested in learning more about or watching “Once a Cheerleader”? You can find it here on SAFE Prevention’s YouTube channel.

National Recovery Month

Celebrate Sober Living with BDR – National Recovery Month

During National Recovery Month in September each year, Best Drug Rehabilitation takes advantage of the opportunity to help educate the public about the dangers of drug addiction and share information about treatment options.

This year, the theme of National Recovery Month is, “Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery.”  The goal of this event is to celebrate recovery and honor the thousands of people that BDR has helped. Testimonials from former patients are an excellent way to show struggling addicts that they, too, can overcome addiction. The effectiveness of our programs is demonstrated each time a former client shares his or her story. All in all, there is no better way to express the joy of recovery than to hear it first hand from someone who has recently succeeded.

BDR and National Recovery Month

Your quest to find the best rehabilitation program should end with Best Drug Rehabilitation. Our comprehensive program is designed specifically for each’s unique needs. We believe each person needs to find out what works best for them. Additionally, through our open-ended program, patients are allowed to progress at their pace. In this way, they are more likely to reap the intended results. Therefore,  BDR is your best choice if you are determined to take back control or your life.  It is important to note that we think of each day of the year as National Recovery Month.  On a daily basis, we seek additional ways to reach out and convince a struggling addict to ask for help.

We Go the Extra Mile

We participate in various events throughout the year as our way of letting the public know that we take the issue of addiction very seriously. At each event, we strive to assure everyone that our program gives lasting results. Testimonials from former patients are very helpful. However, we realize some people respond more to the words of celebrities such as sports figures or entertainers. For this reason, we have sponsored and attended a variety of venues that allow us to share the stories from famous or popular individuals who have also overcome addiction.

In the past few years, we have been a part of the following events that are helping spread awareness about the dangers of addictive substances:

This list provides only a partial representation of the many events that we have attended and sponsored.  You can find out more on our website here.

During National Recovery Month this year, we hope to reach out to even more people and convince them to seek treatment before serious consequences occur.  Join us in celebrating recovery, preventing addictions, and saving lives.

Appreciating New Life

Appreciating New Life – Best Drug Rehabilitation Goes Skating

Taking a day to relax and have some fun, patients and staff from BDR visited West Shore Community Ice Arena for some winter fun. They are certainly appreciating new life.

Recovering from addiction is often challenging and stressful. Re-emerging emotions can be overwhelming, and digging deep to uncover the underlying causes of a person’s addictive behaviors can be painful at times. While progress in the treatment program is the first and highest priority, there is also a need for some time to unwind and simply relax, blow off some steam, have a little fun, and maybe share a few laughs. As often as we can, we try to bring this opportunity to our patients. After all, part of recovery is appreciating new life.

Appreciating New Life and Progress in Recovery Programs

As winter entered its last few weeks across the Northern Midwest, staff members at Best Drug rehabilitation thought it would be fun to take a few of our patients who have made significant progress in their recovery program out for some seasonal fun. Travelling to the nearby town of Ludington, MI, just a short drive from our home in Manistee, we paid a visit to the West Shore Community Ice Arena, where the day was spent gliding, and sliding, across the ice.

This day trip wasn’t just about relaxing and having fun. As our patients progress in their recovery, it is important for them to relearn how to create healthy and functioning relationships. The time that they spend with one another, both in and out of the halls of our rehabilitation center, helps to build a strong foundation for the support system that will continue to carry them along the path of recovery long after they graduate from our treatment center.

It Is Possible to Have Fun Without Drugs or Alcohol

Taking time for things like this skating rink excursion also helps to reinforce one of the most important concepts in overcoming addiction – that it IS possible to have fun and enjoy the world around us without drugs or alcohol. That we CAN tolerate and even enjoy the company of others without being high or drunk, and that we make much better company ourselves when we are clean, sober and free from the bonds of addiction.

Throughout their stay at our recovery center, the patients at Best Drug Rehabilitation are offered many opportunities to get out and enjoy their newfound appreciation for life and the beauty that the world has to offer us. Our results-based program does not adhere to any 30-, 60-, or 90-day time frame but rather focuses on progress in recovery and allows plenty of time for the patient to fully absorb the treatment process. With this kind of flexible and dynamic program, taking a day here or there to experience the world with the refreshed vision of sobriety doesn’t impact the patient’s progress in any way. Instead, it supplements it and gives them a stronger sense of confidence and a more positive self-image, and helps them to feel more comfortable with themselves around other people. They discover that they can in fact function as a member of society and contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.

K-Mart Christmas Giveaway

Best Drug Rehabilitation has always been very centered on helping out the community and engaging its clients in volunteering their time and engaging in various community events and activities.  There is a strong benefit that comes to those who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general when they do this. In December, we helped with the Christmas Giveaway.

The problem is that drug and alcohol addicts for so long have been such serious detriment to society that they often don’t know what to do or cannot find a way to get out of the crisis and do something proactive about it.  They usually have caused untold suffering in the lives of many, and their home communities have often suffered as well as a result of their addiction.  This is a lot to bear for recovering addicts, and it is often too much for them, and they end up relapsing in the long run, as entirely counter-productive as that is.

It was found that unless recovering addicts are given an opportunity to make up the damage done by giving back to a community, to any community really, but to reverse the flow and the trend that they have been so used to. Then positive recovery can finally take place and the right direction can finally be begun for them.  Best Drug Rehabilitation for some time now has seen the impressive benefits that can come about from engaging in activities like this, and these activities are now being strongly and greatly encouraged here.

Community efforts are win-win situations for recovering addicts.  The individuals themselves get to experience the benefits and the gains from giving back to their community and of really helping people and really giving them a lot of assistance and a lot of care and a lot of attention.  This acts as a therapy of its own and it really does wonders for solidifying a recovering addict’s sobriety and overall stability in life.  Furthermore, the action of them helping out the community in general really does wonders for the community and for the lives of those in the community who are benefited by the individual’s hard work.  Volunteering is one of the best activities any individual can engage in, and doing just this while going through rehab has multiple, positive effects and reactions.

What Best Drug Rehabilitation Did Last Year

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we make a point to really help out around Christmas time especially, though we do run volunteer programs and community activities year round.  Last year around Christmas time, on Thursday, December the 10th, some of the staff and some of our clients too from our treatment center took a trip to the local K-Mart Superstore in Manistee, Michigan, (the city where our facility is located), and set out to give shoppers some added Christmas cheer and holiday happiness.  Dressed as Santa and his elves, and armed with K-Mart gift cards and bundles of holiday cheer, several of our staff and our clients went to the store to search for people to hand out the cards to.  We did good deeds for dozens of Kmart shoppers that day and had a good time doing it.  We sang to passersby, and we talked to shoppers about addiction in Michigan and what we were doing about it.  Our clients engaged in conversation with shoppers too, all working to promote sobriety, peace on earth, and goodwill to man.

This excursion only lasted for a few hours but it had a really good result on our clients.  They felt quite enlightened by having been able to help holiday shoppers out, and the overall reception at Kmart of our activities was quite appreciated.

The Strength of Giving Back

Taking the time and the energy to help others while in recovery is a very beneficial and pro-sobriety thing to do.  When a recovering addict takes time out of his or her life on a regular basis to assist others in his or her area to live better lives, he or she is effectively making up some of the overall damage done while being addicted.  It is karma in its fullest form, and it really does do wonders for a person in recovery.

One of the greatest incentives to relapse is that of guilt.  Guilt weighs heavily on the hearts and souls of most addicts. This is exactly what is often the cause of relapse for the majority of recovering addicts.  They feel guilty for what they’ve done, so they relapse, and they do the exact thing that caused them to feel guilty in the first place.  It is crazy logic but that is the truth of it, and after all, addiction is very illogical.

However, when one has the chance to do good deeds for others, it is an atonement and a renewing of one’s vitality and peace of mind in the very best of ways.  With volunteering and helping out in one’s community, one learns the benefits of healthy and sober living, and this becomes very important to the individual.

For these reasons and then some we at Best Drug Rehabilitation will continue to include our clients in community programs and volunteer activities.  We see this as being highly beneficial, and we will continue to approach these activities with passion and excitement for years to come.

Spreading a Positive Message Through Music at Peck Fest 2015


In an effort to raise awareness about addiction and the positive alternatives to substance abuse, Best Drug Rehabilitation sponsors Peck Fest 2015.

As the last couple of weeks of summer held sway over the Eastern United States for just a little while longer, the “Taste of Nashville” Tour was in full swing, making stops in Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Maryland. Point Pleasant, WV, just past the state border of Ohio, was the site for a weekend of fun and music called “Peck Fest”. Named in honor of Gary Peck, the owner of the Kanawha River Campground where the event was held, this two day festival had several well-known country performers, including Rodney Atkins and Joe Diffie, as well as numerous rising talents in the country-rock community, such as Trailer Choir, Double Barrel, Mike Short Jr, and many others.

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Building Up Our Communities

Leading By Example – Building Up Our Communities Through Education

Recovery from addiction helps us to realize the damage that we have created and shows us ways to make amends to those that we have caused harm. Sometimes, a relationship has been damaged so severely that it takes quite a bit of effort to mend it. And sometimes, it takes doing whatever you can, whenever you can, which is what Best Drug Rehabilitation strives for in our commitment to building up our communities.

Learning How to Give Back by Building Up Our Communities

One of the most significant differences that a person in recovery makes in their lifestyle is discovered when they learn how to give back. Ask any person that has struggled with substance abuse, or has seen a loved one suffering from addiction, and a great many of them will be able to tell you. A person who is abusing drugs or alcohol knows very little about giving but has plenty of experience with taking. So much so that, through selfishness, dishonesty and a general disregard for the feelings of others, many of their relationships have been damaged or destroyed by their addiction.

We believe that our youth is the most fabulous asset that we have in our country today and that their education is the most significant tool that we have in the fight against substance abuse and addiction. As a way of building up our communities, Best Drug Rehabilitation was proud to sponsor the 2015 “Music With A Mission” benefit concert held at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Mendon, IL on May 30th, 2015. This event was held to raise money to finance music education programs in the underfunded local school districts of Mendon and its neighboring town of Quincy.

Headlined by several Country-Rock performers, including Cadillac Three, Trailer Choir, Avenue Beat, Madd Hoss Jackson and Highway Run, the event raised thousands of dollars to put towards its cause. Hundreds of people came out to join in the festivities, undeterred by the muddy conditions caused by rain over the few days before the concert, and the show was moved indoors to the Adams County Fairgrounds Show Barn. Because of Best Drug Rehabilitation’s sponsorship, which went a long way in helping to cover the costs of holding an event like this one, a more significant portion of the proceeds from ticket sales and concessions was put towards helping to enrich the education of local kids by building up our communities.

Per Wickstrom, the founder, and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation was able to speak with the performers before the concert. They discussed a variety of topics, including the issues of substance abuse in the music scene and the world around us, as well as hearing their ideas and perspectives on recovery and what we all can do to help.

Music with a Mission and Trailer Choir

This duo consists of “Big Vinny” Hickerson and Marc “Butter” Fortney who met through a loose association of musicians while in college. They were happy playing small gigs for extra cash until, in 2006, country star Toby Keith heard them perform at a club in Nashville and brought them to his record label, which offered them a contract on the spot. Since then, Trailer Choir has been hard at work making a name for themselves.

“Big Vinny” is one of the lead organizers of “Music With A Mission,” saying that he wanted to step away from traditional methods of fundraising, such as bake sales or raffles. Music is his way of building up our communities. “Big Vinny” starred on reality TV competition “The Biggest Loser,” a show which promotes healthy eating habits and exercise by rewarding the contestants who fought against obesity and lost the most weight. For this reason, helping others to find a healthier and more positive lifestyle is a cause very dear to his heart. “I do a lot of motivational speaking,” he shared in Trailer Choir’s interview with Per. “One of the biggest things that I talk about is you have to believe in yourself and love yourself as you are if you ever want to be something better than that.”

Avenue Beat

A trio of local high school seniors who share a passion for performing, Avenue Beat is perhaps the most useful example of the benefit of music education programs in school. Sam, Sami, and Savana are three very talented young ladies who know how to rise above the negative influences of others and avoid the darker path of drugs and alcohol.

“There is always that underlying pressure of what group to hang out with,” said Sami, “but if you find the right people who won’t pressure you to do those things, it’s this safe feeling. We’ve surrounded ourselves with people who usually make good choices and stay safe.” Savana had some advice for parents who have a child that might be beginning to experiment with drugs, saying, “It shouldn’t be about forcing them to do what you want to do, but making them see what’s bad about doing those things and how they can negatively affect you in the future.”

Cadillac Three

As their name might suggest, Cadillac Three is a trio of musicians whose Country/Southern Rock sound drives plenty fast. But they haven’t let life in the fast lane take control of the wheel. They have maintained direction and are gaining popularity swiftly because of it.

Guitarist and vocalist Jaren Johnston, who co-wrote Keith Urban’s #1 single “You Gonna Fly,” had this to say about the band’s experience with substance abuse in the music industry: “You have to be smart enough to kind of shut it down. We like to keep a tight reign on it because we travel so much. But, we’re around it quite a bit.”

Highway Run

Engaged couple Brandon and Alyssa make up the core of Highway Run, another rising talent in the Country-Rock music scene. As many hard-working musicians must do to succeed in the industry, these two travel extensively and attend many social events where others sometimes make poor choices.

“Being in songwriter circles and those things,” offered Brandon, “you hear about it, and you see some friends that are going through that. Maybe they just got back from rehab for alcohol addiction or drug addiction. It’s out there, and it’s an issue that needs awareness. Parents need to talk to their kids. There needs to be communication.” Alyssa added, “It just keeps getting younger and younger and younger.”

Madd Hoss Jackson

Madd Hoss Jackson is a trio of musicians who have been performing in the Midwest for several years, playing everything from country to classic rock. They have also traveled extensively, and have been able to maintain an air of professionalism where others seem to falter.

“In this industry, sometimes it’s tough to balance everything,” said Jim Jennings, drummer, and vocalist for the band. “People get to travel, and everybody wants to party with them, and there’s a lot of temptations out there. You have to be strong to be able to stay away from it. We see that, but we’ve seen a lot of bands get torn apart because of addiction.”

Giving Back and Building Up Our Communities

These musicians and Best Drug Rehabilitation participated in this event for one of the best causes that we can think of – educating our youth while building up our communities. It is crucially important to offer them alternatives to drugs and alcohol and to show them the potential they have in life if we hope to lead them away from that dangerous and deadly path properly. By encouraging art, music, athletics, and academics, we strive to help shape our teens and young adults into the strong leaders we will need tomorrow. Giving back by building up our communities is just one way that we lead by example and show our patients, and indeed everybody, just how vital it is to help out wherever and whenever we can.

Backwoods Music Festival

Sober Camping at the 2015 Backwoods Music Festival

[title size=”2″]Enjoying a Sober Life to its Fullest[/title]

One of the biggest and most important parts of recovery from addiction is making long-term lifestyle changes. The goal is to find a way of living that is healthy, positive and productive. This can be rather troublesome at times, and many people have struggled with substance abuse issues or have gone through the recovery process that has questioned whether or not they will ever be able to have fun or enjoy themselves again. The simple answer is “Of course you can!”

Recovery from addiction does not mean that life will suddenly be utterly boring or that the person can no longer do any of the things that they used to enjoy when they were still drinking or using drugs. While going out to bars or nightclubs is not a good idea for a person in recovery, there are still plenty of things that they can enjoy without being stressed about resisting temptation and staying sober.

[title size=”2″]Backwoods Music and Camping Festival[/title]

Music lovers who have been or are currently going through the recovery process have most likely been to a majority of music events in their life while under the influence. For many of these people, the idea of going to a concert or music festival may cause anxiety or doubt about their recovery and their ability to remain substance-free. However, for those fans that do not want to abandon their love of music, a responsible alternative should be available to them. It is for this reason that Best Drug Rehabilitation is sponsoring the “Live To Be Sober” Camping Area at the 2015 Backwoods Music and Camping Festival in Oklahoma.

Substance-Free Environments
Many music festivals like Backwoods have sober camping areas which provide safe, substance-free environments for festival goers and music lovers who, without any judgment whatsoever of other festival attendees, have chosen to enjoy the festival in a clean and sober state. Many sober zones also provide space for recovery group support meetings (such as AA/NA or SMART Recovery) if any of the campers feel the need to talk, drawing strength from one another and keeping each other motivated to stay clean in a situation where they might have previously used drugs or alcohol.

A person who is in recovery from addiction usually comes to realize that there are plenty of people who are just like them, who have shared the same experiences and a very similar journey through recovery. While every person is unique, with their personalities and backgrounds, many of the people that have overcome addiction have taken the same steps and can understand each other in ways that people who have not gone through the recovery process cannot. It is these similarities that form the basis of the strong support networks that are so vital in remaining sober after completing a treatment program like the one at Best Drug Rehabilitation.

The patients at BDR don’t simply get clean and sober, not to say that is a mere process on its own. Our program is designed to help them uncover and address the underlying issues that may be causing their addictive behaviors. They learn a variety of skills and discover many tools that will allow them to face life head-on and remain substance-free. With the confidence in themselves that comes from a strong foundation in recovery, our patients come to understand that they can still enjoy life and have fun without using drugs or alcohol, and still participate in many of the types of things that they did before. In fact, they discover that life becomes much more enjoyable when clean and sober, especially when they can remember it the next day!

In recovery, building and maintaining strong support networks is crucial to remaining drug and alcohol-free. These support systems are also beneficial in discovering other functions and events that a person can enjoy with like-minded people, and even organize some events of their own, like a BBQ picnic, a fishing trip or even just a night out at the movies. Life doesn’t end when you quit using drugs and alcohol. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Life begins with recovery.

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Healthy Living

Best Drug Rehabilitation Encourages Healthy Living at the Second Annual Care Fair

On Saturday, January 10, staff from Best Drug Rehabilitation, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Manistee, Mich., joined together with city employees and students from local schools to take part in the second annual “Care Fair.”The event, which was free of cost to attend, took place at the Manistee United Methodist Church and offered a range of information and contact with providers of healthy living practices, from nutrition to fitness. Topics included organic gardening, dance classes, dietary classes, and more, as well as free healthy soup and door prizes.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Encourages Healthy Living Practices

Best Drug Rehabilitation, which offers a wide variety of holistic treatments for its patients, felt this event was a great opportunity to encourage and educate people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. BDR’s CEO Per Wickstrom enjoyed the chance for his staff to be a part of such an important event in their community.

“Care Fair is a great way for people of all ages across the area to learn more about the dos and don’ts of healthy living,” said Wickstrom. “And at the same time, it’s a wonderful opportunity for our team to support the community and give back.”

“Given that many New Year’s Resolutions include some aspect of healthier living – whether it’s to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, reduce stress and the list goes on, Care Fair’s timing couldn’t be better!”


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