Statistics and Information on Recovery for Heroin Addicts

According to experts, heroin is the deadliest illegal substance on the market. Many heroin addicts…

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Infographic: Synthetic Substitution – What Is 25I-NBOMe?

[su_frame align="center"][/su_frame]   What Is 25I-NBOMe? 25I-NBOMe, also known as Cimbi-5 or 25I, is a…

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Why Life Skills Training is Crucial to Addiction Recovery

People struggling with alcohol or drug addiction usually are not able to overcome addiction on…

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What Does it Mean for a Rehab to be CARF Accredited?

There can be many options when it comes to inpatient treatment for an addict. However,…

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Infographic: Xanax to the ER


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Can Rehab Help Rebuild Self-Esteem and Confidence?

When battling an addiction to alcohol, drugs or even gambling, it takes a toll on…

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