Should Doctors be Held Accountable for Patients’ Opioid Addictions?

There is an abundance of debate as to whether or not doctors should be held accountable for their patients’ opioid…

7 months ago

Opiates vs. Opioids: Why They are Both Fueling the Drug Epidemic

The extent of the addiction issue within our nation has continued to rapidly grow with each passing year. A large…

8 months ago

The Stages of Alcoholism: How Someone Becomes an Alcoholic

There are many different hellacious substances that continue to affect our population when it comes to addiction. Many of these…

8 months ago

Motivation vs. Habit: What’s Really Driving Addiction?

Addiction is one of the most significant issues that face our modern society, and it has only grown worse over…

8 months ago

From Painkillers to Heroin: The Unintended Consequences of Opiate Medication

The addiction epidemic spreading throughout our nation has been growing at an unprecedented rate. It has been a problem for…

8 months ago

U.S. Doctors: Their Take on Medication Maintenance Addiction Treatment

Addiction has been an issue in our nation for many years and there have been numerous forms of treatment developed…

9 months ago

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