Recovering Addicts: Don’t Expect a Relapse

When people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, they feel as though they are completely trapped into that substance and…

6 months ago

The Power of Food: How to Harness it During Recovery

Food has been known for centuries as one of the most powerful healing tools for man. There have been a…

7 months ago

Top 10 Reasons for Seeking Treatment for Addiction

There are many reasons for seeking treatment for addiction. Here, we will discuss some of the reasons you may have…

7 months ago

Avoiding a Rut: 4 Ways to Make Addiction Recovery Interesting

Addiction recovery is a tough and arduous process. Going from addiction to a successful recovery takes hard work, persistence, and…

9 months ago

Enabling vs. Empowering: How to Know the Difference in Addiction Recovery

Addiction has been one of the most significant problems within our nation for many years. This is easily understood when…

9 months ago

Is There a Connection Between Diabetes and Alcoholism

Many of the substances that continue to fuel the addiction epidemic in our nation are actually legal. One of these…

9 months ago

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