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Is Alcohol Abuse Among College Students Today Worse Than Before?

There are certainly a lot of different issues and difficulties that come and go with college students today. However, none is more concerning than alcohol abuse among college students.  At this time, the fact remains that substance abuse and addiction is a terrible and upsetting habit in this country which needs to be addressed in a different order of magnitude than before.

Drug or Alcohol Addiction Controls Lives

When people take drugs and alcohol for recreational purposes, they get themselves into a position where they cannot find their peace of mind and their abstinence from their substance abuse habits.  When people fall on hard times with a drug or alcohol addiction, this becomes the thing that controls their lives and does harm and difficulty to the person.  Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are some of the most concerning problems that a person could have in this country today.

When people consider addiction today, they do not often think about just how severe and how deadly this problem has become. They do not think of the sheer risk factor and the hardship that people now experience because of substance abuse, and this is truly unfortunate.

Enabling an Alcoholic

An alcoholic enabler is one who, as an addiction enabler, positively is not thinking about the risk factors and difficulties involved with drug and alcohol abuse.  Realistically though, this is an area that entirely should be addressed before the issues abounding from it get any worse. Enabling an alcoholic is a difficulty which can manifest itself in many different ways.  The bottom line though is that it is quite easy to become an enabler if one does not take essential and stabilizing approaches to prevent this from happening.

Alcohol Abuse Among College Students

Today, alcohol abuse among college students is more dangerous for the college environment than ever before.  Alcohol use, abuse, and addiction is indeed a severe problem. Now more so than perhaps ever before, these are issues that need to be approached and discussed with college students. Many teens and young adults don’t realize that alcohol poisoning can even occur. Therefore, they don’t know that binge drinking can result in someone’s death.

It has never been as accepted and appropriate as it is now to use and abuse alcohol in a college setting. In a way, this has just become a regular thing and just something that happens with growing regularity in the college environment.  College students are more than twice as likely to become alcoholics and one and a half times as likely to abuse alcohol than their same-aged peers who are not in college. Stop and think about that for a minute. It is indeed a scary fact.

Contact Best Drug Rehabilitation for More Information

The simple truth of the matter is that most colleges and parents of college students believe that drug and alcohol abuse is something that is just going to happen in college. The problem is that this attitude often leads to alcohol abuse among college students.  For more information on substance abuse among college students and how to address it, contact Best Drug Rehabilitation today.

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