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Why Medicated Detox is a Dangerous Choice for Addicts

Addiction can be an extremely arduous condition to be struggling with.  And the reality is that treatment is not always an easy thing to go through at first.  There can be many hardships or more difficult periods.  One of these more difficult periods can often be during detox.

Detox is generally the first step a person takes in their recovery, and this can make it seem a bit frightening sometimes.  And this fear can be compounded by the factor of withdrawal symptoms. Depending upon the type of substances being used, withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and uncomfortable.  This is why there have been many medications created that can be used in the course of detox to help make this period a more comfortable experience.

The Purposes of Medication During Detox

Now, when it comes to medication for detox, there are several types that can serve different purposes.  Medications can be used as a potential way to assist an individual in their detox, but other purposes of them can be detrimental or dangerous to a person.

One purpose of medication is as a wean down.  When a person first enters detox they are often freshly off of drugs and experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  There are types of medications that can be used to counterbalance the lack of the drug so that withdrawal is lessened.  A person can be given these meds to begin to ease the withdrawal symptoms, and then they are gradually given lesser amounts until they are through withdrawal and off of the meds.  Not every substance has a correlating wean down medication, but there are many that do, such as opiates, and alcohol.

Then there is the fact that medications can be relied on too heavily for detox or recovery, and can become detrimental or damaging to a person.  This could include types of medications that are used for maintenance programs.  Maintenance programs are when a person regularly takes a medication that supplants their drug of choice to help to manage their addiction.  This could include drugs like methadone.  Methadone is occasionally used as a wean down in treatment, but it is rare.  These types of maintenance programs can sometimes last several years or even the rest of the person’s life.  The reality is that there are several factors that can make this a bad option.  In some circumstances, it can end up that the person essentially transfers their addiction, and becomes addicted to this new drug instead.  There is also the factor of self-reliance.  When a person relies so heavily on a medication, they can begin to believe that this is the only thing that is keeping them in recovery, and so never develop any self-reliance or self-confidence in staying sober.

How an Inpatient Treatment Center Can Help You or Your Loved One to Overcome Addiction

When it comes to addiction treatment, the sooner that an individual seeks it, the better. The damaging effects of addiction can continue to worsen very quickly, and result in deadly ramifications. Inpatient addiction treatment can help a person to confront their addiction, as well as overcome it so that they can live a long and sober life.  There are many underlying issues and causes of addiction that go part and parcel with it that need to be addressed as part of a person’s treatment program.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we create a custom program for each person that encompasses these underlying issues as well.  Take the first steps toward sobriety, and give us a call today.

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