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Someone You Love is an Addict

What To Do if Your Valentine is an Addict

Someone You Love is an Addict
What to do if Your Valentine is an Addict?

From alcohol to opiates, all addictions can cause a vast range of problems for the addict as well as those who care about them; for those who are dealing with an addicted husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, the stress can be immense, and finding the best way to address and fix the problem can be difficult. For those who want to help their addicted significant other get off, and stay off, of drugs or alcohol, the best option is to get them into a rehabilitation program as soon as possible. Out of all methods of defeating addiction, inpatient rehabilitation has the best success rate and is a great way to provide a solid foundation for a sober life.

However, convincing a loved one to enter these programs can be a difficult process and may take time and effort; additionally, this becomes more complicated because one has to consider the best option for personal mental stability and health as well. In order to make progress towards this goal of mutual health, it is necessary to not fall into common pitfalls that can compromise the health of both you and your loved one.

Do Not Make Excuses

Anyone that lives with an addict knows the large array of excuses given in order to rationalize addictive behavior. Some of the most common of these are, “it helps me relax” or “I’m not hurting anyone.” While these rationalizations may seem fine in the mind of the addict, they are a denial of all the excessive stress put on loved ones, and the addict his or herself, due to their poor habits. Sadly, many who live with an addicted valentine accept these excuses over time and use them to justify their loved one’s habits to others.

Because of this, the first step that needs to be taken in order to help both parties is to stop accepting excuses. It is necessary to adopt a mindset of intense realism and see these excuses as what they are: poor rationalizations for a behavior that damages both the user and those close to them.

By adopting this lucid mindset, it puts the addict’s actions and behaviors in a much more clear light and can give you a better intuitive understanding of how to fix this problem, which is much more effective than fatalistically accepting that the current negative situation is a permanent problem.

Get Help Immediately

In order to help reduce the negative side effects that are a result of addiction, both parties need to seek guidance and help in order to stay on track and improve happiness. Because loving an addict can be extremely stressful, seeking help or a support group can be a huge benefit and can drastically improve quality of life. Additionally, these codependency support groups can give valuable insight into the mind of an addict and assist with finding ways to help the addict.

While harder to ensure, the addicted party needs to seek help as well. Convincing them may be very difficult; however, it is worth it in the long-run. This help can be something as simple as attending a support group to enrolling in inpatient rehabilitation, any step in the right direction can help over time. In this situation, many have to give the addict an ultimatum in order to ensure success.

Seek Support

While all of the above steps may seem harsh for a person who isn’t used to dealing with addicts, this tough love is essential. However, when dealing with any addict, support is equally important as it maximizes the chance of a successful recovery. Because stress and depression is often what leads people into addiction, ensuring a safe and caring environment is needed.

During this transitioning process, constant encouragement is essential as it is very easy for addicts to beat themselves up over their condition, which can lead to a relapse over time. However, be sure to take care of yourself and not entirely wrap yourself up in the addict’s struggles as this can lead to more stress between both parties.

Getting out of any serious addiction is extremely difficult, especially if alone. By helping out and encouraging a loved one, it can make this process much easier and can reduce the likelihood of relapse. However, keep in mind that this period of time will be very difficult, and it will be a challenge for both to keep their heads in the midst of excessive stress.

Because the goal of this process is an addiction-free, happy and healthy relationship, the best option to ensure a healthy and drug-free future is inpatient rehabilitation. This variety of rehabilitation has much higher success rates than any other form of treatment, and it can provide an opportunity for the addicted loved one to be in a drug-free environment and create a foundation which they can carry into the world after treatment.


  • Amanda

    This article is so true. If you have a loved one that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the best thing to do is get them to a facility that can really help them. It can be hard to confront someone that you love that has that type of problem, but it would probably mean the most coming from you. You have to push through the upset and denial, but if you do you can save the person that you love form drugs and alcohol. It can literally be life and death of one of the most persons in your life.

  • Walter

    I agree with this 100%! I think there are a lot of excuses and justifications that people put up when they are handling an addicted loved one. One of the biggest threats is that you are being an enabler to them and actually hurting them in the long one. It is very important for a person to seek rehab in order to get clean, as this will get them into a better frame of mind mentally and will lead to much more success in the long run.

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