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Do Drug Interventions Help People Struggling with Addictions?

The definition of intervention is the “interposition or interference of one state in the affairs of another.” Drug interventions take place when an addict’s loved ones intervene in their addiction by bringing to attention their behaviors and persuading them to get help. Drug interventions may be presented by the addict’s family members, close friends, children, community members, significant others, or anybody who has a sincere relationship or connection with them. They may also include counselors, therapists, or professional intervention specialists for added support and expertise.

Drug Interventions

Interventions work by the addict’s loved ones and addiction professionals coming together with the addict in a safe environment. Each member should have proper training on how successful drug interventions take place. This way, they can use the most effective ways of communication possible and prevent their anger from taking over.

The intervention should strive to let the addict know that they are cared for and loved. An intervention is not a time for each person to address their complaints and opinions to the addict. Topics covered in drug interventions should include:

  • How they have been affected by the addict’s behavior
  • The changes they have noticed about the addict (their personality, habits, unusual patterns, etc.)
  • How the addict’s addiction has affected their relationship
  • What they hope will come from the intervention
  • Making the addict know that the intervention is being held because they are loved
  • The fact that they are going to get help right away

Successful drug interventions end with the addict entering a treatment facility right away. Make sure that this is organized beforehand so that there is a room available for the addict.

Signs that an Intervention is Needed

Interventions may be necessary if the addict:

  • has no plans of getting help
  • does not believe that they have a problem
  • does not believe they are worthy of a healthy lifestyle
  • has deeper issues such as other mental health problems
  • believes they are honestly just medicating themselves
  • is neglecting personal obligations and responsibilities
  • does not seem to care about life anymore

How do Drug Interventions Help Addicts

Any individual who is suffering from a drug/alcohol addiction, gambling problem, substance dependency, or any other mental illnesses that affect themselves and their families can benefit from an intervention.

Interventions help addicts to understand that they are loved. They recognize that they need to stop using harmful substances for the sake of their well-being, health, and relationships. Since drug interventions end with the addict being admitted into a treatment facility, they will learn a variety of skills there that will transform them into a better person when they come out.

Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

When choosing a rehab center, look for one that practices a holistic approach to recovery. A holistic approach means that it strives to heal the person’s mind, body, and spirit. Holistic approaches are an effective way for an individual, who once suffered from addiction, to achieve long-term recovery.

Per Wickstrom, CEO and Founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation wants to provide his patients with this holistic care so that, “Clients can overcome physical dependence, develop healthy coping techniques, discover strategies for avoiding temptation, and find new ways of approaching life.” By improving the entire person’s well-being instead of just their bodies, they will have a decreased chance of relapse. This is because they will have learned new techniques to combat obstacles such as stressful situations, drug cravings, and other trigger issues.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, consider the benefits of interventions now.

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