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The Dangers of Being Dishonest About Your Addiction

There can be an easy transition from occasional substance use into addiction.  A person may begin to use more of a substance each time or use it more often and before they know it, they are using it every single day.  But the unfortunate aspect of this matter is that many individuals do not realize when it reaches this point, or they push away the truth with excuses.

Reasons Why Someone May Be Dishonest

While admitting addiction to yourself can be one of the hardest things to do, the alternative of being dishonest with yourself about an addiction can have disastrous consequences.  There are many reasons for why a person can be dishonest in regards to their addiction.  For instance, they could label it purely as a social activity and that they only do it when around friends or to have a good time.  The danger here is that justifying it like this allows them to continue the behavior.  Addiction can be very progressive and often times can become much worse.  Individuals may also be dishonest about how bad their use has become simply because they are not ready to admit it to themselves or their loved ones.  Whatever the reason may be, the reality is that doing this simply hinders them from being able to receive help.

The effects of addiction can detriment so many areas of a person’s life.  Those that continue to be dishonest with themselves about addiction often end up losing important things in their life.  This includes their job, family, home, or much more.  It can even end up in overdose when the use is extreme.  A person’s body can only tolerate so much, and when an individual is using high amounts of a substance they may overdo it.  Overdose can not only be very scary to go through, but it also can be extremely life threatening.

Being Honest With Yourself About Addiction

Being honest with yourself about addiction can be a very relieving thing to do.  It allows you to get support and help from loved ones, as well as receive any treatment that you might need.  Even though there can sometimes be a social stigma when it comes to addiction, public opinion is not what matters.  What is important is that you are able to receive help and overcome the hellacious grips of substance abuse.  Try and view how substance abuse has affected your life.  Whether it be spending too much money, damaging relationships, career issues, or withdrawal.  Make a list of things if necessary to help you view the overall effects.  Sometimes simply being real with yourself of how it has affected your overall life can be what is needed to make the first steps to overcoming it.  In the long run being dishonest about what is happening with your substance use does nothing but provide the potential for it to get worse, and for it to do more damage in your life.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Rises Above the Rest

Never be afraid to seek help with addiction.  It can be one of the most renewing and fulfilling things that you can do for yourself.  Addiction can affect and destroy almost all things that make life great.  We can help you to overcome addiction here at Best Drug Rehabilitation.  Our program is designed to address all things unique to each person’s addiction, which allows the whole of the adverse condition to be handled.  Our compassionate and professional staff can make your treatment experience a fantastic experience.  Give us a call today and one of our advisors can answer any questions that you may have about our program.

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