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The Similarities Between OxyContin and Heroin

Many different types of substances continue to pose enormous problems to our society. Every day, potent substances are contributing to overdoses, addictions, and deaths. One of the largest problem substances around the nation has been opioids. Of course, many of these drugs have a significant medicinal purpose, which would be pain mitigation. Although, many people also abuse these legal drugs, and there are also opioids that are wholly illicit and have no other purpose aside from getting high. Two of the most commonly used drugs are OxyContin, a pain medication, and heroin, an illicitly used street drug. While they reside within two different realms, OxyContin and heroin are quite similar.

Is Heroin an Opiate?

Various types of opioids are produced in different ways. The base source of these drugs is the opium poppy, and different kinds can come separate sections of the plant. There are also numerous types that are synthetically created in modern times. Two separate terms are used when referring to these kinds of substances, which would be opiates and opioids. Opioids includes those synthetically produced, whereas opiates refer to those more directly derived from the opium poppy, but the terms are often used interchangeably. This is what has left many wondering: is heroin an opiate? Well, when looking at the difference between the two labels, heroin would most frequently come under the heading of opiates.

Similarities of OxyContin and Heroin

OxyContin and heroin are nearly chemically identical, which is largely why they are so similar. One of the largest similarities of these two substances is the effects. In fact, most opioids tend to have a similar set of effects, although some can be more potent than others. The effects that these kinds of substances bring about include:

● Euphoria

 Relaxed Feeling



● Pain Mitigation

The above is not an all-inclusive list of opioid effects, but rather a summary of the most common effects.

Another similarity between these two substances comes in the form of their various side effects, which include: 

● Nausea


 Bowel Dysfunction (Constipation or Diarrhea)

 Respiratory Depression


Once again, this is not a complete list, but rather just common side effects.

Differences Between OxyContin and Heroin

One defining difference between these two substances, aside from legality, is the cost. When being sold on the street, OxyContin and other pharmaceutical opioids tend to be much more costly than heroin. In fact, these pills can often go for $1 a gram. Meaning, an 80-gram pill, which is a single dose, costs around $80, whereas heroin can go for $100 a gram, which is multiple doses for an average user. Unfortunately, this is a large reason behind the spike in heroin use over the years. Those using OxyContin or other painkillers can often find themselves unable to afford them anymore, which results in them seeking out heroin as a cheaper and more readily available alternative.

Opioids can bring about some of the most severe addictions and dependencies out there. Because of how potent they are, physical dependence to these drugs is often very rough, as are the accompanying withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, treatment can help individuals to overcome this hellacious condition. Best Drug Rehabilitation has helped thousands all around the nation to handle their opioid addictions, and we can help you or your loved one as well. Our approach to treatment is somewhat unique, being that we focus heavily upon individualization. We recognize that every case of addiction is unique in many different ways, which is why we create a custom program for each person that is admitted. This way, we can comprehensively address all factors and difficulties that are particular to each individual’s case. Take the first steps toward a new and sober life by giving us a call.

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