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How Life Goes on After Addiction and Recovery

Posted by Myra Davis to Addiction

Do you ever think about what your life will be like after rehab? Maybe you wonder what you’ll do in your free time, how you’ll support yourself, or if you’ll be able to stay clean. If you don’t already have a plan, I encourage you to get one. It will help you stay clean. I also suggest you add these three items to your post-addiction plan as you care for yourself and help other addicts achieve the success you have.

Find a Job

Whether you want to land your dream job or will settle for any job that pays the bills, there’s no time like the present to find employment. I know there’s a stigma attached to former addicts in the job market, but don’t despair. That’s not who you are today, and you have plenty of skills and talents to be a productive member of the workforce.

To aid your job search, I suggest you start with a quality rum Meet with a professional at your local library, career center, or college, and craft a rumthat helps you shine. Also, ask your therapist, rehab counselor, recovery coach, landlord, fitness trainer, or any mentor who can vouch for your character and responsibility if they will be a positive reference.

Next, begin scouring the classified ads in the newspaper and online job sites. Set up automatic email alerts from job boards so that you know when a job in your field is available. If you’re having trouble finding a job, check out Recovery at Work or the Federal Bonding Program, two programs designed with addicts in mind. You may also need to update your skills and take a class or two at a community or online college. With these tools, you’re on your way to finding a job that fills your free time and fulfills you as a person.

Help Others Avoid Addiction

You’ve already come so far in recovery that you have to share your success with others who are struggling. In fact, that’s one tenet of 12-step programs. I’m not saying you have to save everyone, but look for opportunities to share your story, your success, and your hope with struggling addicts in your sphere of influence.

Life After TreatmentWhy not start with your recovery group? Give your testimony and look for someone to sponsor. Consider checking in with your neighbors, too. You don’t have to be nosy, but I know you can recognize an addict a mile away, so use your sixth sense to intervene and befriend neighbor kids and adults who are struggling with addiction. Your friendship may be one of the reasons they eventually get treatment.

Finally, ask civic and religious organizations in your community if you can tell your story. Offer tips for getting and staying clean, and encourage family members with ideas on how they can help an addicted loved one. With the number of people addicted to drugs today, your success offers hope to many people who want what you have.

Stay True to Your Recovery

No matter what else you do after rehab, you need to stick to your treatment plan. I know you’ve done a great job so far of staying clean, but I can’t tell you how many addicts I’ve seen relapse after years of recovery because they stopped working on themselves. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re above addiction now. Stay true to your treatment plan and recovery.

Because you decided to get help for your addiction, you have a bright road ahead of you. What’s on your agenda? Whatever you decide to do after rehab, stay true to your recovery and enjoy the journey.

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  • Amanda

    I think that this is great information on life after recovery. I think that after your whole world was turned upside down with drug abuse and then getting things back on track, life can be difficult. But having a plan is the best first step when starting on a new journey. I know that starting off any thing new that is can be difficult, but starting life after drug addiction and you have to change so much. The future is always bright with a plan and a goal. I find that is article is insightful and helpful to anyone stating a new life!

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