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Kratom – A New Go-To Drug For Young People

Kratom is quickly spreading as a drug of choice for younger generations. The substance grows on trees in Southeast Asia, and it was once used by workers to stay alert. Different mixes of the drug are now being created in potent cocktails, capsules or beverages, and its popularity is no longer limited to its region of origin.


Kratom is derived from a plant that grows across the southern jungles of Thailand. Throughout history, it was used by farmers as a means of boosting energy and prolonging stamina. They used the plant by chewing on its leaves. Today’s kratom is widely available, and it has caused a storm in the government of Thailand. The substance is used today in a much more dangerous narcotic blend that usually involves boiling the leaves and adding cola and cough syrup. Boiling the leaves may increase the potency of the plant’s effects, but this habit alone is not seen as a problem for older generations because of its history as a form of medicine. The new variety has seen a rapid increase in demand, and young people in the country sneak into the forests to collect and smuggle the leaves.

A survey of 1,000 teenagers performed by the Office of the Narcotics Control Board in Thailand showed that 94 percent of participants used the drug. It is easily accessible to teens in the southern provinces due to the fact that it is cheap for bulk purchase. One can buy 20 leaves at a time for an amount equaling just $3 in US money. Efforts to halt the spread of kratom use have been unsuccessful as the penalties for those involved are too lenient. Thai police have attempted to cut down kratom trees to gain more control, but this has been met by backlash from environmental advocates. Kratom is rarely controlled in many parts of the Western world, and this facilitates the spread of the stronger cocktail variety.

The Effects Of Kratom Use

In the West, kratom is often taken in capsule form or as crushed leaves to make tea. Chronic use of the substance can have a number of adverse effects including:

  • Psychotic Episodes
  • Delusions
  • Respiratory Depression
  • Aggression
  • Severe Vomiting/Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Darkening of the Face
  • Itchy Skin
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of Appetite


There are treatment options for those struggling with kratom use. Every person is different, so every individual will have different treatment needs and will respond differently to treatment plans. For most situations, inpatient substance treatment is one of the most effective options available. It allows the user to be placed among the constant care of substance abuse professionals. Participants also get the opportunity to be among fellow users with whom they may share experiences or goals. Inpatient treatment removes the user from his or her source of their substance to limit access to the drug and subsequent use.


  • Angie

    I really love that Best Drug Rehab has different programs for each individual. This way each person can find the root of their addiction and can fix it the right way, the way that is going to have the greatest potential for success. Inpatient treatment also allows you to detox in a safe environment with professionals supervising you and making sure that everything is going okay with you. They will pay attention and make sure you don’t do any damage to yourself while you have the toxins leaving your body. I just love the programs that Best Drug Rehab offers to those ready for clean and sober living.

  • Amanda

    I had no idea that this epidemic was taking place. There is always a new drug or a new high that people are after. It is saddening to see this be the new drug wave and that it is so accessible to young people. But the biggest thing that if you know someone with a kratom addiction or any addiction is being able to get them the help that they need. Getting the best help possible is very important when dealing with addiction. I agree with Angie, the Best Drug Rehabilitation is an amazing place that will give you a personalized program to get you to a sober life!

  • Diane C

    Well, this is a drug I have never heard of. It’s amazing how many different drugs there are out there to be consumed and this one seems like it is very easy to come by which makes it even worse. I can see young people going for this easily if it is easy to get and cheap to buy. Another thing we need to watch out for with our children and make sure we get them somewhere for help as soon as possible. Having good drug rehab facilities available for this is really helpful.

  • Walter

    Wow that is simply unreal but it just goes to show you that people will turn anything inro a drug if it produces any kind of effect. It is really not surprising that environmental advocates are against feeling the trees of a plant used for a drug. But the other thing is that will never really stop the problem. The real solution is to get the kids educated on what happens when they take the drug and the real down sides to the effects that it produces. I feel it is important to keep abreast of these new trends as you never know what people will find these days as far as drugs are concerned. But again the important thing is the education and teaching people that drugs are not the answer that people need.

  • Jonathan

    This is rather interesting and the way that this seems, it looks like it is going to have a similar path as marijuana because so many people push the medical uses and will try every which manner way they can to get it legalized like they did marijuana.

    The drug at first look doesn’t seem to be bad because how can something coming from nature that boosts energy and stamina be bad? Well the same thing goes for caffeine. Anything in too large a quantity can be bad and damaging to the body.

    Due to the list of side effects that can be experienced from this leaf, it doesn’t seem to be a good natural handling for anything. If there was a way to keep the plant as it is and maybe extract a part of it to keep the positive effects without having the side effects or if giving a certain quantity would prevent the side effects from happening I say go for it but unless that is done, I say to stay away from it.

    I do understand that “it is a plant and it comes from earth so it’s natural” but so is shrooms, weed and opium but those have long term effects and damage the body. It is wise to get help for those developing an addiction right away. And as an immediate solution, indoctrinate them on the free information that is given about the drug as such is stated in this article.

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