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Is Your Tanning Bed Habit Making You An Alcoholic

There can be a multitude of various factors that can contribute to a person developing an addiction.  There can also be a large amount of various links between different kinds of addictive behavior.  Recently, it was discovered that there is actually a link between those who have an addiction to indoor tanning, as well as those who suffer from addictive behaviors like alcoholism.

The reality is that there can be many common threads that are strung between and behind various addictions.  Many different types of addiction can have common sources or risks factors which bring the potential to develop both.  Tanning is an extremely common activity all across the country, as people of all ages work to have that ideal skin color to show off during the year.  While it can sound strange for someone to be addicted to indoor tanning, the reality is that people can develop addictions to essentially anything.  The was a recent study done by Yale School of Public Health, and it discovered that there was a connection between tanning dependence and alcohol dependence.

Results of the Study

This study displayed a very interesting correlation in regard to both of the dependencies. It was done by 499 people and was led by professor Brenda Cartmel, of the Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology.  Out of the whole group, it was found that around a quarter of them were tanning dependent.  Those who were tanning were found to be six times as likely to be alcohol dependent, and close to three times as likely to have seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  Much of the data was based on survey response, and included questions such as, “Are you annoyed when people say you tan too much?” Or, “Do you feel guilty about tanning?”

One factor they discovered that could potentially play a role, is the fact that there is a brain phenomenon connected with certain types of tanning.  For instance, those who were found to be tanning dependent displayed increased activity in areas of the brain relating to reward when using a UV tanning bed, which can be similar to the way alcohol affects the brain.  An addiction often has to do with pleasure sectors in the brain, as the behavior or substance has shown to “make them feel better,” or help them relax, which of course, both can be rewarding.

The more prediction that we as a society have in regard to various addiction connections can help us to battle the situation as a whole.  Addiction continues to be one of the largest issues within our country, and the more information about it simply helps us be better equipped to be able to detect, prevent and treat it.  Being that addiction continues to take lives, and gets worse every year for many people, learning how to catch it early on before it results in these disastrous consequences, is ideal.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Rises Above the Rest

Here are a multitude of various factors in addiction treatment that can be extremely important, but one of the largest is the individualization of treatment.  Addiction is unique to each person, and addressing it as such is what can provide other people the best chance at success.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we customize a unique treatment regimen for each new client, and this allows the treatment to be able to identify and treat extremely deep seated or personal issues or difficulties.  We would like to help you or your loved one to overcome the hellacious battle with addiction, call us today at 1-866-296-1961.

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