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Is it True that Addiction Can't be Cured

Is it True That an Addiction Can’t be Cured?

The truth is that addiction can never be completely cured. If you have a cold or the flu, these illnesses can be cured with proper treatment and care. Even some serious diseases can be cured using advanced medical treatments and vaccines. But an addiction can’t be cured. You can only learn how to manage it, and the skills needed can be learned in a professional rehab.

The first step in treating an addiction is recognizing that it is there in the first place.  Realizing and accepting this is often hard to do with substances like alcohol. Alcohol is such a prevalent drug, and it is also a legal drug. You will encounter alcohol all around you at parties, restaurants, celebrations, gatherings, and stores. You will also regularly see it in movies and on TV.

Many people use alcohol as a social lubricant, and a lot of people will give you a hard time if you try not to partake in drinking it with them. A lot of people have overdone it with alcohol before, but it has almost become a social norm to do that every once in a while. How do you know if you’re addicted? You may start drinking more often and while you are alone, but are you addicted then? It can be difficult to know whether you have an addiction or you just need to cool it on the drinking for a while. Addictions to other substances may be hard to spot or recognize as well.

Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Signs and symptoms are two different categories of events used to identify a particular problem or illness. A sign is something that is observed or spotted by someone else. For example, a sign may be noticed by a friend, family member or doctor. A symptom is something noted in the individual who is using the substance.

There are several key signs and symptoms present when someone is addicted to a substance, so the following list may help you in this area:

  • Problems within social circle and with relationships
    Addicted individuals may turn down social gatherings when no drugs are present there. They may be very late or forget appointments with friends and family, and they are difficult to reach.
  • Problems at work or school
    Many people who become addicted to a substance have jobs and classes that suffer. They may be lazy or out of control while present, or they might miss class or work altogether.
  • Financial problems
    Drugs and alcohol can be expensive, and when work suffers, money problems often ensue. A lot of addicted individuals have severe financial problems.
  • Problems with the law
    It is not uncommon for addicted individuals to have run-ins with the law because of illegal consumption of substances or acting out in public places.
  • Addicted people cannot stop
    It is a glaring symptom of addiction when the individual attempts to stop doing drugs or drinking, and they cannot fulfill their desire to quit. Withdrawal symptoms often show up at this point.
  • Secrecy and solitude
    Addicted individuals are often secretive, and they may tell their friends and family that they prefer to be alone. They may also hide or store stashes of their drug of abuse.
  • Using substance to deal with stress and other problems
    Another glaring sign of addiction is when addicted individuals go straight to their substance of abuse whenever they have a problem or difficult situation to deal with.

Options for Treatment of Addiction

Once an addiction has been acknowledged, there are several options available to get help. Inpatient treatment centers are the best way to fight an addiction, but deciding on a treatment center will depend on several different factors. For many people, money plays a significant role. Some treatment centers cost thousands of dollars. Location may also make a difference. Also, treatment centers are not available all around the world in every city. But thorough research will help you find a treatment center that fits your specifications. Remember, that even though an addiction can’t be cured, you can recover and remain in recovery from your addiction.

Inpatient Treatment Centers

Even though there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding on an inpatient treatment center for addiction, this is your best bet at beating an addiction. Detoxification and therapy are the cornerstones of addiction treatment, and both are offered at these facilities. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help patients get to the root of their addiction problems and help them to see why they started using in the first place.

Remember, if you feel that you may have a problem with addiction, you are not alone. There is hope for you, and it is possible for you to recover and return to the life you love even though addiction can’t be cured. If you or someone you know are struggling with addiction, make contact with a person or organization today who can offer you help in recovery at a quality inpatient treatment center.

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  • Didi Smith

    That’s really sobering to confront that if you have an addiction, it can’t be cured. You can only learn how to live with it. That’s got to be hard to deal with if you are someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Really recognizing this and dealing with it so that you can learn what you need to do in order to keep sober for the rest of their lives. Getting them into a good rehab center like Best Drug Rehab so that they get the help they need to do this is a big step. I will definitely remember this should I find myself in a situation where I or a loved one need this help.

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