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How to Intervene When Your Roommate Enjoys Getting “Blackout” Drunk

There can be varying degrees of severity of addictions.  One substance addiction that can become very severe for many individuals is that of alcohol addiction.  A large issue when it comes to alcohol addiction is that it can go unnoticed, or not really be paid attention to simply due to the social acceptance of alcohol in our society today.  This allows many individuals to drink very frequently, or drink copious amounts in a binge fashion, and yet it appears to be a “normal” thing.  This can be seen a lot in colleges, or in younger generations.  In fact, it is now all too common for people to drink so much that they blackout as a result.  According to an article from Medical Daily, “One 2015 study reviewed 1,402 English teens between the ages of 15-19 years old and found that 30 percent of 15-year-olds reported blacking out from excessive alcohol consumption. This number jumped to 74 percent in 19-year-olds.”

It can be difficult to live with an individual who drinks very heavily or blacks out, and those with roommates who do so often wonder how they can assist their co-resident.  There are many different ways that you can intervene upon your roommate if they get blackout drunk.  Sometimes people tend to be afraid of intervening upon friends or roommates who they observe in these habits.  They fear they may irritate the person, or ruin the friendship or living environment as a result.  But the reality is that getting blackout drunk can, in fact, be very dangerous, as well as not ideal for a living arrangement of course.  Steps for intervening can include things such as:

  • Talk – Of course, an initial step is to have a talk with them about their drinking habits and the results of them. In some circumstances, this may be all that is required for them to lessen their drinking, or to even stop.  While this may be rare, it can still happen.  When speaking to them, it is important to not be invalidated or brusque, as this can often cause them to simply continue their behavior out of spite and antagonism.  Express your concern and care for them that they are overdoing it and that they causing damage to your relationship and/or living arrangements.
  • Monitor – While no one wants to play babysitter, monitoring them while they drink may allow you to stop it from reaching the level of a full blackout. If they drink at home regularly, or you spend time with them out at parties, you can work to ensure that they watch their drinking and do not consume too much at one time.
  • Get Others Involved – If despite talking to and monitoring their drinking they continue to get blackout drunk and do not care about your concerns or the consequences, you could get others involved too. Let their friends or family know what is going on so that they can talk to the person and help convince them to cease their behavior.  Worst case scenario, help get the person into treatment to resolve the problem.

Seeking Treatment for an Addiction for Yourself or for a Loved One

If you or your loved one are seeking help with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, give Best Drug Rehabilitation a call today.  Our program is based on the premise that every addiction is unique, and this allows us to craft a unique treatment program for each person that is admitted into our facility.  Our comprehensive programs are designed to address the addiction, as well as the underlying issues and factors of it.  We have success in treating hundreds of people a year, and we want to do the same for you or your loved one.  Do not wait, give us a call today.

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