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How Rehab Renews Sense of Self in Addicts

Addiction can strip a person of many different things in their life.  Not only can they lose their job, home, and family, but it can also become so severe that a person can lose their sense of self.  When a person has been using drugs or alcohol for a longevity, it can reach a point where they do not really recognize themselves when not under the influence.  Being under the influence becomes what is normal to them.

Fortunately, rehab can help to renew the sense of self in a person.  This can be done through several different methods, such as:

  • Sobriety – While this may seem obvious, there is a point to be made that simply a proper detox from substances can help to renew a person’s sense of self. Once off of the abused substances, the person may realize that they were virtually not themselves at all when using.
  • Therapy or Counseling – Therapy or counseling can help a person to work through very deep seated issues. It helps a person to sort through their thoughts and feelings and begin to get to know themselves once again.  They can look at the reasons why they began to use drugs or alcohol and how that began to mask who they are.  A person can realize that the influence of drugs or alcohol caused them to behave in a way that they never would while sober.
  • Setting Goals – The right rehab program helps a person to set goals for themselves in rehab and for after they released. This helps a person to realize what they truly want to achieve for themselves, and how they are going to do it.  Deciding upon and working toward their goals helps them to rebuild who they truly are and realize what they can do.  Many times, at a young age, people develop some kind of purpose, and it can get lost in the difficulties of life and substance abuse, but rehab can help to revitalize this.
  • Creative Therapies – Creative therapies, such as art or music therapy, can help a person to be able to communicate thoughts and feelings that they cannot necessarily articulate. Having an outlet to release these things can be very beneficial to the person letting go of things they have been holding onto.  Plus, they very well may find a hobby that they thoroughly enjoy and can use it to fill the time that had previously been spent using substances.
  • Building Self-Esteem – Drug or alcohol abuse can absolutely destroy a person’s self-esteem. They begin to think less of themselves or do not have the confidence to achieve things that they once did.  This can be compounded if a person attempts to get off of substances themselves and fails, as that can be very despairing.  Through different therapies, counseling, and achievements, a person’s self-esteem and confidence can begin to be raised markedly.

Best Drug Rehab Can Help

Struggling with an addiction is never a good condition to be in, but fortunately, it can be recovered from.  With the right rehab facility and program, an individual can overcome addiction and live a long, sober and happy life. Individualized programs tend to have the best success in treating addiction.  Addiction is not a one size fits all condition, and therefore, should not be treated as such.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we assess each individual who enters our program and then tailor a program that is specific to them.  This way, all unique underlying issues and difficulties of their addiction will get addressed.  Do not wait, take the first step toward your sobriety and give us a call today.

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