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How Holistic Drug Rehab Programs Work

holistic drug rehab

Getting the Holistic Drug Rehab Right Treatment

Fighting an addiction requires the right type of treatment approach. The search for the right treatment facility starts with understanding the options. When a treatment program suggests that holistic drug rehabilitation is available to fight drug abuse, it is referring to alternative solutions to overcome the challenges of fighting an addiction.

Meaning of Holistic

Before it is possible to understand how the holistic drug rehab program works, it is important to recognize what the term actually means. When the term ‘ holistic’ is used for medical or treatment needs, it refers to a treatment approach that addresses the needs of the whole person.

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[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Mind, Body, Spirit

Instead of focusing solely on the addiction and fighting the physical dependency, holistic drug rehab focuses on treating the body, mind, and spirit of the individual.

The treatment program does not limit the options to the physical side of addiction; instead, it focuses on providing comfort to the body, mind, emotional state, and spiritual side of the problem.[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]The Impact of Emotions

Addiction is a problem that impacts the emotions, mind, and spirit as much as the physical body. Although the physical symptoms of withdrawal from a drug or cravings for the drug play a role in the continued abuse of a substance, it is only part of the problem. The altered state of mind or the emotions related to the situation also contribute to the continued abuse of the drug.[/one_half]

Holistic treatment means that the program will not limit the solutions to only one part of the problem. The rehabilitation will provide treatments that address other human needs, including spiritual comfort and emotional concerns.


Treating the Physical Body

treating the physical bodyDrug abuse is often related to physical needs or challenges. In some cases, addiction develops as a direct result of physical pain, such as opiate addiction. Others will develop physical health problems due to the drug abuse. Regardless of whether the health concern arose first or the drug abuse caused physical problems, a holistic approach to drug rehab will provide physical care.

Doctors and nurses are available in any holistic drug rehab program to ensure that a patient is getting proper treatment to solve the health problems. Depending on the situation and the problem, the amount of care provided and the solutions will vary.

Treating the physical body helps remove certain distractions, such as physical pain or general illness. Although addiction treatment is not limited to just the physical side, it is a vital element of treating the underlying causes. It is hard to recover when withdrawal symptoms are causing pain or the body is so ill that drug abuse seems tempting. The physical treatment focuses on overcoming the cravings and feeling more comfortable over time.


Emotional health plays a significant role in the ability to fight substance abuse. When the mind is focused on emotional problems,  it makes it hard to give up the drugs; it can make the process of recovery much longer.

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[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Providing Emotional Care

A holistic program will provide evaluations and proper care for emotional concerns based on the situation. Even if an individual does not have an emotional problem or has not developed these conditions as a result of substance abuse, counseling is still provided to work through emotional challenges and discuss the situations that led to substance abuse.[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Importance of Treatment

Emotional problems account for a large number of substance abusers. Many turn to drugs for relief from stress, mental challenges, or emotional pain. By evaluating the state of mind and obtaining appropriate  treatment, it is possible to work through those challenges and avoid substance abuse related to those problems in the future.[/one_half]

Even if it is not necessary to work through emotional pain, trauma, or similar problems, counseling is still an effective way to improve an individual emotionally and ensure that the emotions are as stable as possible. Substance abuse can cause many problems, and some issues are not related to physical well-being. The counseling will address the issues so that the mind and body are both getting proper treatment.

Alternative Methods of Relieving Stress or Emotional Pain

Since stress and emotional pain can contribute to substance abuse, holistic programs will provide alternative solutions to alleviate the stress. The exact programs and solutions that are available will depend on the specific rehab program, but focus on healthier ways of expressing emotion or reducing stress levels.

The alternative solutions that can help and are often available in holistic treatment programs include:

[checklist] music therapy

  • Music therapy
  • Dance therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Martial arts
  • Tai Chi
  • Exercise or fitness programs
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga

The recreational activities might not seem effective, but it can help reduce stress and provides alternative ways to handle cravings for drugs. Depending on the therapy and program, the method of recovery will vary.

Alternative approaches to treatment are not limited to only physical and emotional health. That relief from stress can potentially provide a stable mind, a healthier body, and a spiritual experience.

Spiritual Development or Teachings

Since holistic rehab focuses on the whole person, it does not leave out spirituality. Depending on the program, the method of spiritual development and growth will vary. For some individuals, the spiritual side will take on the form of religious beliefs and education. Other individuals will find that yoga, tai chi, and deep breathing will provide a spiritual experience that is not related to a specific religious belief.

The growth and development of the spirit will depend on personal belief systems. A holistic program strives to help improve growth, but only within the realm of personal beliefs. The professionals working with individuals in the program will never push aside personal beliefs or try to force other beliefs on an individual. The goal is growth, so a discussion about personal beliefs will provide the foundation to develop a personalized program.

Cultural Development

cultural developmentAlthough cultural awareness and development will depend on individuals, holistic approaches can provide educational tools that focus on cultural development.

This type of treatment can help if an individual has a strong cultural identity, but it is not always part of treatment if individuals do not follow or identify with specific cultural backgrounds.


Developing Skills or Improving Education

Educational tools and skills development is another aspect of holistic treatment that is available. The rehab program can provide groups or training programs to help develop basic life skills that are useful after leaving the program.

The life skills that are provided will depend on personal needs and the situation that caused substance abuse. The skills that the program might teach include:

  • Basic money management
  • Basic reading or math skills
  • Balancing checkbooks

Life skills are the necessities that make it possible to improve in life. Depending on the situation and the skills that are necessary to improve overall quality of life, the rehab program might offer educational groups or programs to help improve the necessary skills.

Treatment Works

Holistic drug rehabilitation is designed to fight substance abuse by involving every area of an individual’s needs. By addressing the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs, it is possible to find the primary causes of addiction and fight back. The best holistic drug rehab program uses alternative and traditional approaches to addiction treatment so that it is possible to live a drug-free lifestyle in the future.


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  • Amanda

    I love the holistic approach to helping people with a drug addiction. I do not believe that you can address just one area and have a great success. You are not just your body or your mind, etc. You have address the whole person to have a success and give them tools that will better help them stay out of the drug addiction after rehab. I think that it awesome programs that will teach people basic life skills and money management so that they can really start new and handle their lives better. I believe this approach gives a person better tools and a better chance to go out and make it! I think a place like BDR provides the whole package and gives a person a better chance to come out the better side of drug rehab.

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