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Has Society Turned A Deaf Ear to Drug Addiction Today?

Has Society Turned A Deaf Ear to Drug Addiction Today?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that illicit drug use costs the health care industry over $11 billion each year. This statistic is tremendous and makes people listen, but it does not necessarily mean that individuals process what they hear. They may feel jarred by the number, but they can just as quickly turn their attention to other issues. It’s as if society has turned a deaf ear to drug addiction today!

Changing Opinions on Drug Usage

Some individuals are changing their views on drug usage. For example, they feel that marijuana should become legal across the country for consumption. As a result, they may think that the drug is not as harmful. However, these individuals must recognize that marijuana is not the only drug in existence and that other, more potent drugs often pose a greater problem. Furthermore, people should remain vigilant that an addiction to any substance, or even just a dependence, can cause physical, emotional and psychological problems among other issues.

Failing to Reprimand Early

When older generations take a more laid-back approach to certain issues, they are also teaching their children and other youngsters to do the same. For example, some parents say that their children can have parties at the house with alcohol and drugs because they would rather that they are safe. They may also feel that partying is a part of the teenage experience and fail to punish them when they engage in unsafe activities. When they are not taught early on that these substances have the potential to cause harm, they may ignore the warnings later on in life too. Hence, drug addiction today will just keep increasing.

Avoiding the Subject of Drug Addiction Today in Schools

A major part of children’s education comes from their home, but they also learn about the world around them in schools. Schools should consider developing stronger anti-drug programs. Some of these programs have experienced silencing because parents do not want programs that go against their personal or religious beliefs taught in school. They may feel that schools should not even mention drugs at all. However, when youngsters are exposed to educational material and hear lectures from those who have battled with drug addiction, they can have a stronger grasp on the skills they need to defeat elements such as peer pressure later.

Turning Away from Individual Control

Some believe that people should remain entirely free to do as they please and that the government should not play a role in any personal decisions. However, these individuals must recognize the fact that drug use does have a significant toll on society. When people grow addicted to drugs, they can hurt their loved ones. They may drain resources from the community or programs that are designed to provide aid to those in need. They may drive and cause injury or death to other individuals. When people consider the topic of drug abuse, they should reflect on the fact that the members of the community are the people who compose the community.

Society has, in some ways, shifted its focus away from drug addiction for the reasons as mentioned above and others.


  • Gina M

    It’s unbelievable how in some families the parents will share a joint with their teenagers, because, what harm can it do? Very bad example. I agree that I’d rather offer a sip of wine to my teenagers if they ask for it, rather than prohibiting it completely, but then I myself never have more than a small glass (and that is once a month). People must realize that kids are watching their every step and with everything that they say or do, they set an example!

  • Angie

    One of my ex co-workers did drugs for the first time ever with his mom. It was her idea. She wanted him to “be safe and under her control” well after that he went home and continued doing drugs to an extreme. He ended up losing his job, girlfriend, room mate and apartment. He had a terrible reaction to the drugs. I fully believe that parents set a standard for their children. My parents did allow me to sip alcohol if I was interested, but not once did I see either of my parents ever have more than one small glass of any type of alcohol, and only saw my mom tipsy once in my life. This stuck with me, and set a standard for me. SO I think if you make it okay for your kids to do it, you need to make sure you are setting the best example first. Have your kids seen you do anything to the extreme? If so, don’t enable them to do it, and make sure you educate your children on addiction and what it can do to you, and even those around you.

  • Diane C

    Yes, I can see this happening right now in society. I live in Colorado where they have legalized Marijuana and people are now freely smoking pot whenever and wherever they want. It is considered much less of a liability than alcohol. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know but I do know that smoking Marijuana does make you intoxicated and it should not be being done at work or while driving, etc. Doing this puts not only the person smoking the Marijuana at right, but also the people who they are in contact with. It must be make clear that even though the drug is now legal, it doesn’t mean it has no bad effects that come along with it. Thanks for being there to educate people on this.

  • Walter

    I wholeheartedly agree with this article! It is soooo key to educate people on the dangers of drug use as well as to get them to know that although the masses may think everything is fine and people should be able to do whatever they please, the fact is that drugs are drugs and while it may make things easier to not face the fact that there are millions of people whose lives are being broken by these substances, and that there are countless families torn apart by these drugs. It is vital to get an effective drug program that teaches people as well as gets them to face that this is not a problem that is magically going to go away! Teach them and get them to see this for the sake of our future!

  • Jonathan

    The beginning of the article makes a good point. People listen and they say we need to do something about the issue of drug abuse but most government agencies don’t ever present any workable solutions that they are willing to fund greatly. It is a rare occurrence when they do but when they do it shows very beneficial and remunerative.

    People don’t understand that changing the law on marijuana is only the beginning. It is something that you would take on gradients to ultimately destroy a society. First its marijuana, then it’s opium and LSD and then before you know it all drugs are legal and we have an actual drug store at every corner as if it were a seven eleven.

    It really is an issue, in general, with the parents not confronting on what their kids are doing and being reasonable about makes it all the more worse. It compounds it in fact. It sadly seems that parents nowadays have started to try and shun off as much responsibility for their child as they can. It isn’t like how it used to be with the way parents were to communicate with their kids and sometimes be a little forceful on it. Parents used to care less about the child’s feelings and more about the child’s survival and I believe it needs to go back to that.

    The idea of parents wanting the subject avoided in school is rather wrongheaded. I have seen a few parents say in the past “I don’t want my child being taught something in school that he should be taught at home” and those are the kids that do end up doing drugs because their parents don’t talk to them about it or they don’t impinge with reality on their kids on how bad it is.

    Lastly, letting people do whatever they want with no central control ultimately leads to anarchy and no forward production but with the brutes and extremely smart people taking over leaving no chance for the others. That is not the way life was meant to be lived and I personally would rather it not be that way.

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