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Faces of Meth

Faces of Meth

Meth (Methamphetamine) is an extremely addictive stimulant drug which is very similar in its effects to amphetamine. This drug can be snorted, smoked, taken orally or melted down into a liquid and injected. Meth produces a feeling of intense euphoria by producing increased amounts of dopamine in the brain. The majority of meth which is used in the United States is produced in ‘meth labs’ with very hazardous chemicals. These toxins can remain in the environment long after these labs have been closed and production ceased. Anyone addicted to meth should seek help immediately before the long-term effects take over.


Slide left or right to see the changes caused by meth.

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  • Amanda

    The effects of Meth are so scary! Some of these people only changed as much as they did in a matter of months. There is so much poison and other things you would never ingest that are combined in meth. It is a very scary thing to make as well as take. I have had family that had an addiction with this kind of drug and it is very scary to watch your loved one go through it. Please if you have someone that is addicted to Meth get him or her the help they need. I love the way BRD helps people to their recovery.

  • Walter

    Yikes! That has to be one of the wildest things that I have seen. Don’t get me wrong i have seen how scary some people can get on meth but that is still shocking to see. I have no clue what the appeal of this drug is but it is hard to believe that many people use it. I also can’t believe in such a short time these people look totally different. If you know anyone who is using this drug you need to get them off of it as soon as humanly possible. There is no reason that people need to live life that way. I am really glad that this article was posted as it is really startling data and you almost don’t believe all of the statistics. But nevertheless they are that way and it is up to us effectively doing soothing to handle it.

  • Diane C

    Wow! I would have never believed this was the same person. The changes are so shocking. I’ll tell you, if someone just showed me that picture when I was thinking of doing drugs, I wouldn’t do them just from that. You would never think that the effects of the drugs could be this bad. This would be a lot of extra stimulous to get anyone you know who is abusing this drug, to get them into a rehab facility as soon as possible before they get this bad.

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