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Self-Medicating with Marijuana: Why It’s a Form of Self-Harm

There are many different substances that are in common use within our population. Some of these substances have beneficial uses within the medical realm, whereas others are completely illicit and are only used recreationally. People use substances for a number of reasons, such as getting high, treating an ailment, and self-medicating. The last one mentioned is probably one of the most common uses, as some may do it without even realizing that is what they are doing. One common substance that many people use for this is marijuana.

How Marijuana and Its Effects are Used for Self-Medicating

Self-medicating can come about in a number of ways. It may be that an individual has had chronic emotional or mental difficulties for quite some time, and they begin using substances as a way to relieve them. It could also be that an individual simply has a terrible day or occurrence in their life, and they may indulge in some marijuana to feel better. With both of these situations, it does not always immediately begin a path of self-medication. They may only do this once in a great while, but for others, it can develop into a vicious cycle. It can reach a point where every time they are having some mental or emotional difficulties, they use marijuana as a way to relieve this. So begins a habit of self-medication, which can sometimes make it even more difficult to handle their difficulties, being that they are never actually confronting them. Marijuana and its effects can temporarily push the feelings and stress aside, but it does nothing as far as actually addressing these things.

When it reaches the point discussed above, this is when it really becomes a large issue. Rather than being a way for individuals to feel a bit better, their use becomes a problem in itself. They begin to crave using marijuana and may feel they need it for even the slightest hiccup or difficulty that they come up against in life. As mentioned above, this does not resolve individual’s difficulties, but it simply pushes them aside to be “handled” at a later time. Once these difficulties crop up again, the individual will continue to use and repeat the same cycle. Marijuana and its effects may not bring about a physical dependency like many other types of substances, but it is very possible to develop a mental addiction and dependency to it. This is often the case in those who feel they need to use pot to feel better or function. There has been research showing that moderate use of marijuana can be beneficial in treating some cases of mild depression and anxiety, but this obviously has to do with the extent of use. Moderation is key in everything, and the medicinal use of marijuana is no different. Otherwise, the supposed benefit can develop into a large problem.

Addiction to Marijuana

Struggling with an addiction to marijuana or some other type of substance can be difficult for many individuals to overcome on their own. This is where proper addiction treatment can be of great benefit. Best Drug Rehabilitation helps thousands to overcome addiction every single year, and we would like to do the same for you or your loved one. A large part of our success lies in the way we approach treatment, as we place a large focus upon individualization. Every single case of addiction is unique, and because of this, we craft a customized program for each person that is admitted into our facility. This way, the treatment is able to address the issues and difficulties that are particular to each case of addiction. Give us a call today and we can answer any questions that you may have.

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