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Prevalence of Cocaine Use Today

Some Reasons For the Prevalence of Cocaine Use Today

Many people are asking, “Why do people use cocaine?” There are a variety of reasons that people choose to use cocaine. Below is a list of some of the reasons that cocaine use is so prevalent in today’s society:

There Are Misconceptions About Cocaine Use

One of the reasons that many people use cocaine is because they believe that it is a harmless drug. They think that they can use this drug without experiencing any adverse effects. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Numerous studies have confirmed that cocaine use can increase the risk of a stroke and heart attack. In fact, it is estimated that 500,000 people in the United States visit the emergency room each year due to cocaine use. Cocaine can also increase a person’s risk of participating in a violent crime. Furthermore, it can ruin a person’s career and relationships with other people.

Glamorization in Media

Researchers believe that the media can play a role in drug use. Cocaine use is often portrayed as something fun and harmless in television shows and movies. There are also songs that glamorize cocaine use.

It Makes Them Feel Good

Many people use cocaine because they like the way that it makes them feel. Cocaine causes a person to experience an intense feeling of euphoria. However, the euphoric feeling that a person gets while using cocaine is short-lived. After the feeling has gone, a person is likely to experience feelings of depression.

They will also start to crave the drug more. That is why a person continues to keep using cocaine. The craving for cocaine can be so intense that a person will go to great lengths just to feed their addiction.

They Want to Fit In

Why do people use cocaine? A person’s desire to fit in with others is one of the possible answers to that question. It is human nature for a person to want to be liked and accepted by other people. This desire to be liked and accepted can drive a person to do things that he or she knows is wrong.

Additionally, the desire to fit in is one of the reasons that people start using cocaine at a young age. In fact, it is estimated that eight percent of seniors in high school have tried cocaine. Nearly 35.3 million people in America have tried cocaine at least once.

Why Inpatient Rehab is the Best Option for Beating Cocaine Addiction

Dealing with a cocaine addiction can be incredibly difficult. Most people cannot break it on their own. Daily stress and contact with others who use cocaine regularly can keep a person from successfully getting clean. Entering an inpatient treatment facility is the best option because it offers a secure environment where there is no access to cocaine, allowing patients to successfully detox and learn the skills needed for living in the real world without continued cocaine use.


  • Jonathan

    This article was ok. A lot of the information given is common sense but the statistics are rather useful and enlightening.
    The fact that most people believe that cocaine is a harmless drug is rather shocking.
    I would like to see another article like this but with more information on the effects of cocaine and more statistical information.

  • Jake Seay

    Drug abuse is one of the most controversial issues today. To make it worse, many times you are more likely to be arrested for drug addiction than get treatment or assistance. For this reason, many people with drug addictions don’t want to admit they have an addiction and are afraid of trying to get help. To help those who are addicted, drugs should be legalized and destigmatized, to take power away from the dealers and make people who are addicted not afraid to get help.

  • Heather

    Thanks for all of this information. As a parent of a young teen son the concern of him trying drugs is real. I appreciate the information in this article because the more I learn the better I can help my son prepare for the time when he has to make a choice weather or not to try cocaine.

  • Amanda

    How interesting! I did not know that cocaine addiction was so prevalent in the United States. It amazes me that people believe that cocaine is not a harmful drug! I mean any drug taken to his or her own excess point can kill a person. Each drug has different thresholds before the body cannot handle it. Cocaine is like any other drug and can be addictive and difficult to overcome. Having a drug addiction is no joke, but having the right rehab center will make it possible for a person to succeed. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a great program and an amazing staff! Check it out!

  • Mikaela

    This article was so helpful in detailing the reasons behind cocaine addiction

  • pradeep

    good to know about it


    Great article.

  • Chris W.

    I was shocked to learn that many people view cocaine as a harmless drug. I have always believed that it is far from harmless. It is highly addictive and does long term harm. I have heard of people overdosing from it after only one use.

  • Ashley

    Great article, very informative!

  • Steven

    This was a very nice chunk of information. Very interesting article, with tons if helpful facts and reasons why people use drugs.

  • Candice

    I believe that a lot of people need to read articles like this to be better informed on situations such as this so they can help someone else in the future along the way!

  • Gina

    Very interesting article. Definitely gives substantial reasoning for the common use of the drug.

  • Walter

    These statistics are shocking especially since it is 2015. When I think of cocaine i think of the 80’s. I don’t think of 2015. But it is very startling to see that this many people are struggling with the addiction of cocaine. It is also sobering at the same time. As the same drugs are still there. They are not going away. The only thing that will get them to go away is by us actually doing something effective to get the people off of the drugs and appeal to reason on why they should not be taken, and for those that are already suffering they should get the help that they need in order to get clean.

    I don’t know of any people who use cocaine currently or recently but i am glad to see there is an effective way to handle the problem.

  • Joseph

    Some people just don’t realize that drug can kill you more than 100000 people die each year

  • Angie

    I am shocked that people do not think that cocaine use can be harmful to themselves or others. I do agree that hollywood glamorizes drug use and makes it look like it is the coolest, most amazing thing to do. I think hollywood needs to take a stance and really show the truth about drug use. Look at Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the most talented actors of our generation, and just like that, he is gone. All because of drug use. Hollywood needs to focus on the fact that it destroys your life and can possibly kill you, rather than highlighting that everyone around seems to do it, and feel great doing it, and that it helps them be more creative. Which is all a bunch of lies.

  • Rose

    “In fact, it is estimated that eight percent of seniors in high school have tried cocaine ” is the scariest sentence here because that is a huge number. What I find saddest of all is how easy it would seem to fall into a nightmarish loop of highs and lows while using cocaine. I hope youngsters and people of any age will realize that there is nothing harmless about an addiction to this

  • sarah

    I don’t know what movies or tv shows you are watching, but any sort of drug use that I see is usually followed by the characters’ downfall. I agree that drug use has been glorified in music though.

  • brian ski

    Agree that the glamorization in media of cocaine leads to use. I can think of dozens of song about cocaine usage.

  • Caroline Kaugher

    Should have made mention of how it makes you sell off everything you own for just one more hit, and then start stealing and selling your friend’s stuff too. Nasty stuff, cocaine.

  • Kasey Osborn

    Such a shame that drugs are glamorized in the media. This is a good article that tells it like it is. This article is perfect for school reports and continuing education in general.

  • Megan

    This was an awesome read. Very beneficial since I have a soon too be teenager.

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