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Drug Abuse Impacts Lives

Many Ways in Which Drug Abuse Impacts Lives

Drug addiction can be an insidious problem that is the result of prolonged use of any particular illegal chemical or controlled substance medication. Addiction comes in many forms and is the result of the regular use or abuse of differing chemicals. It is important to understand that addiction can also occur for individuals who are prescribed regular medications from their doctor, as pain medications are regularly provided for many individuals suffering from injuries that produce chronic pain. Regardless of the specifics of your particular battle with addiction to certain substances, there are many ways in which drug abuse impacts lives, not only the life of the addict but the lives of those who love and care for the addict.

Drug Abuse Impacts Lives Financially

Drugs cost money, especially if they are illegal. Even the price of marijuana is extravagant in the states where it is legal. The cost of harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin are also high enough to create a hardship on the both the user and their families, as the drug becomes a priority in the life of the abuser while reducing finances that were normally intended to support the user’s family. In addition, physical addiction can often mean the abuser has an increased number of absences or is unable to maintain regular gainful employment. Many addicts are actually terminated from their employment when reaching an unacceptable attendance level or test positive for drugs on a random employment drug test. In addition, procuring work for the unemployed addict can also be problematic.

Physical Impact

Many times addicts do not seek medical treatment for their addiction problems until they have a medical episode or just merely get “sick and tired” of being sick and tired. Many addicts need mediation before their day even begins. Addiction does not take a day off, and addicts deal with finding a fix on a daily basis. When this merry-go-round cycle becomes the lifestyle of the addict the vicious cycle has begun. While some addicts can take a break from using their favorite chemicals, many individuals whose addiction creates physical problems without the medication suffer a more acute physical situation, often resulting in death.

Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of drug abuse is as serious as both the financial and physical problems. Even addicts with no family can experience withdrawal from society and focus solely on using their favorite drug or drug cocktail. Individuals who are cross-addicted tend to have more serious emotional problems, often associated with loneliness and the perceived pointlessness of life. All addicts suffer from this emotional problem on some level, but some addicts also have strong families that can serve as a good support system after the addict recognizes the problem and takes active steps to change their life for the positive.

The important thing to remember about breaking the cycle of drug abuse is that no one needs to go through the process alone. Success rates are very low when the individual attempts self-treatment. Drug addicts who break the pattern successfully usually seek some form of treatment from drug abuse professionals who have a solid understanding of the common problems experienced by drug addicts, and know how to provide tools for the addict in developing a personal program of recovery that fits their particular drug addiction situation.


  • Angie

    Drug addiction can affect all aspects of your life, even those you don’t realize. The most obvious is the financial and physical aspect, but the emotional toll addiction takes on your life is deep. It affects everyone you deal with, family and friends,

  • Angie

    Drug addiction can affect all aspects of your life, even those you don’t realize. The most obvious is the financial and physical aspect, but the emotional toll addiction takes on your life is deep. It also has an emotional affect on everyone you deal with, family and friends, neighbors you talk to, your co-workers. You don’t realize that you have formed a bond with these people, and that they worry about you, or that they want you to get better at any cost, and your abuse does hurt them too. Getting help for an addiction is the best idea for anyone struggling.

  • brandon a

    drug abuse is a serious life threating problem that america needs to work on

  • Kim

    I’ve been lucky to not have to deal with the impact of drug abuse, but many people I know have. It is so sad.

  • helen

    It is true drug addiction can cause a lot of problems and can kill you also..

  • Don

    So true. It will ruin every part of your life. You have to sincerely seek help.

  • lakshmi

    very informative

  • Julie

    Thanks so much for sharing the information. I am happy to say that I have never had a drug problem. It does ruin every aspect of your life emotionally and financially. So glad to know places like this exist for people that need the help.

  • Kara

    Thank you for the information!

  • RYAN

    I think this is pretty accurate. There’s no telling just how much drugs effect not only you but everything around you.

  • John

    Great blog! I learned alot

  • Timothy

    The emotional impact is the hardest one as the addict comes to realize that the addiction has set them back in their life. I have dealt with it myself.

  • Jon

    Very important to consider all the possible impacts, especially emotional. You’re not the only one affected by your actions!

  • Robert

    This hits home, I took sleeping pills and soon was not able to sleep without them, it ruined my daily life. Addiction even with the everyday drug can happen be careful.

  • Jessica

    We know Drug harms people and people those who don,t use drugs always hate those people take drugs.they don,t want any druggist in their surrounding. the druggist people are left alone and they are totally ignore those people.It is thought that if one bad person is mixed in a group kit may spoil other people in the group

  • ridi

    I think everybody know that drug is so harmful for our body.please every body avoid this things.

  • Nicole

    What an interesting article! I never knew how big of an emotional impact drugs can have on a person… what a terrible cycle.

  • Gina M

    It ruins your life plus the life of those who care about you! It is a serious problem that everybody needs to work on.

  • Jonathan

    Very true. This is a very good article as a lot of people don’t actually have all of the ways drugs negatively effect your life in prospective.
    In high school, I had a group of friends that were pill poppers. Most if not all, were pretty much always broke.
    If they weren’t irregularly skinny, they had extensive emotional problems. Including rollercoastering attitudes going from extremely happen in one moment, to crying hysterically the next.
    Getting help from another is the best way. I mean, how many of you have wanted to start a diet to loose weight or workout to start getting into shape and ask your friend “hey, want to workout with me?”
    It not only makes it more fun to be a group activity but it allows you to have someone to motivate you through it.

  • Amanda

    Drug addiction really can encompass a person life. The think the article was correct in noting the separate areas that drug abuse that can affect. However in looking over it literally mean drug abuse effects every aspect of your life. It can leave you in rough place that no one should be left in. Find the right help and having the right support makes it possible for a person to be able to make through. But seeing how the areas of life are affected makes the hardship easier to understand and hopefully better treat.

  • Walter

    I totally agree. It is a hard thing to help yourself. I remember, when I was struggling with being addicted to alcohol, if it were not for some close friends and my family, I would still be climbed up in a bottle or worse off dead. If you know anyone around you that is struggling with something like this, take the time to get them the help that they need from REAL rehabilitation, and not just giving them some other drug to help them not be on the “illegal one”. It is a tough cross to bear when you are going through some addiction. It is even worse when you have no one to fall back on. This was a very informative article that really gets that point across.

  • Diane C

    Yes, I have seen families be adversely affected by some member of the family having an addiction. My own family included. At first, you don’t really notice that there is a problem but after a while it becomes obvious that the person is getting more and more addicted so the attempts to help them start. Unfortunately my experience is that the person is unwilling to even acknowledge there is a problem so it continues. This is the time to get them into a facility to help them get through it.

  • Kenney

    Having never used drugs, but to my experience, I understand that drugs, like almost anything can be addictive. The problem is nobody understands that they are actually addicted to something until they try to stop. The worse thing about drugs is not just that it alters a persons personality, choices and ability to be trusted but it puts their very existence at risk. There are not many illegal drugs that can boast a claim of having positive health benefits. This affects everyone who cares about an addict. No one wants to see there loved ones decline mentally or physically in such a way.

  • Ryann

    My cousin was addicted, he was always around begging for money. He lost weight, he stopped buying and eating food, to support his drug habit. He became dangerous around his own family, who loved him.
    Through a long struggle, he eventually, got his life together. When your addicted to drugs like that, (same song)you don’t just hurt yourself, you also hurt the ones that love you.

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