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Risks kids are taking to get high

Dangerous Risks Kids are Taking to Get High

Savvy parents are catching on to the latest trends for getting high. Teens have been conjuring up numerous ways to get high on drugs, and this can make it hard for a parent to stay on top of these dangerous trends.

Some Risks Kids are Taking

Discover some of the risks kids are taking to get high.

Smoking Alcohol

Risks kids are taking to get high
Dangerous Risks Kids are Taking to Get High

Teens achieve an instant high by smoking the alcohol and inhaling its vapors. A danger to young teens whose brains are still developing, the alcohol smoking craze took off with the help of Youtube. Legal hurdles are circumvented altogether because of the manner in which the alcohol is consumed.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can be distilled using salt to create a beverage. Once the distillation is completed, the alcohol can be consumed in the form of a shot. The high concentration of alcohol puts teens at risk for alcohol poisoning.

Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm is a new trend in teens attempting to get high. People are taking the substance and applying it to the eyelids. The term is called “beezin,” and the tingling situation creates a sensation. The sensation is similar to drinking or getting high with any other drug. An allergic reaction and blindness are risks.

Cold Medicine

Teens are looking to medications like Coricidin HBP Cold and Cough to get a similar high to PCP. The active ingredient, dextromethorphan, can cause teens to injure themselves once they’ve achieved the six-hour high. They come in packet form and are incredibly cheap for teens.

Alcohol into the Tampon

The tampon can be soaked in liquor, and then inserted vaginally or rectally. Rum and vodka are typically used in the method. Intoxication is the objective with this trend and alcohol poisoning is a common reality.


Nutmeg functions like a hallucinogenic when it is taken. In fact, the active ingredient, myristicin, can lead to double vision and chest pressure. Numbness, coma and death are additional risks associated with the high.

Vodka Eyeballing

Vodka eyeballing is another popular trend that entails pouring alcohol into the eye. The alcohol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The odor of the alcohol is masked because of how it is used.


Teens participating in the cinnamon challenge attempt to ingest an entire spoonful of the substance. The cinnamon causes them to choke or vomit. Irritation to the throat and lungs is a real danger, and elevates risks of pneumonia.

Gummy Bears

Teens and adults have always baked goods with marijuana, but a new teen drug use trend involves soaking gummy bears in alcohol. After the gummy bears are done soaking, they are frozen. The gummy bears, seemingly innocuous, are casually ingested periodically throughout the day.

Research shows that weed use among teens is higher than ever, but that’s not all parents have to worry about. Parents have to proactively learn more about the many new ways teens are getting high. When teens start to experiment with drugs at a younger age, they risk becoming bored of the initial high. When the teen becomes bored with that high, they seek out newer drugs and substitutes for a different experience. This causes them to consider using more dangerous drugs at a younger age.

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  • Diane C

    I am completely speechless after reading this. I would have never even considered doing most of these things to get high. How do the kids even know that these things will get them high? I guess it is all just experimentation trying to find the next high. It’s got to be difficult to keep up with all the new ways in order to continue to educate these kids on the bad effects of doing drugs. It’s good that Best Drug Rehab exists and keeps up with these things so that they know how to help them get cleaned up from whatever form of drug or alcohol and whatever method they use to do it.

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