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Common Admissions Criteria Required by Drug Rehabs

Addiction treatment can be one of the greatest things that a person can do.  It can help a person to overcome their addiction, as well as address the underlying causes of it.  There can be varying criteria as far as what is required to be admitted into a treatment center, but there tend to be ones that are common to almost every treatment center.  These ensure that a person will be able to get the most out of their time at a treatment center, and actually be able to receive benefit.  These can include things such as:

  • Age – Depending on the treatment center, there can be varying age requirements. Some limit it to 16 or 18 and above, while there are other treatment centers specifically formatted for younger individuals.
  • Gender – Typical rehab centers will provide treatment for both genders, but there are also centers designed for each gender specifically.
  • Medical – When beginning admissions, a medical examination will many times be done to help determine any conditions that the person has. The person can provide records or information of conditions they may already have, or provide records of an exam done recently in some cases.
  • Mental and Emotional – Many centers can treat co-occurring disorders or emotional struggles but information about diagnoses must be provided to the treatment center. This is to ensure it is something they can work with, or ensure that the treatment will benefit them.  It is typically ideal for conditions like these to be stable before beginning addiction treatment.
  • Physical – Physical condition can play a large role in receiving treatment. A person should be able to be fully involved and participate in addiction treatment without physical limitations.  If a person does have physical conditions or limitations, it is better that they attend a center that specializes in treating individuals with them.
  • Spiritual or Religious – Each person can have unique viewpoints or beliefs when it comes to spiritual or religious aspects. It is important that these are voiced so that a center can best work with them, or even implement them into a person’s treatment.  Religion and beliefs can be very beneficial in a person’s treatment being that they can often be a large part of their life.
  • Previous Treatment – A facility should be informed of any previous treatment received. This helps them to better understand what has been going on with the person, as well as to help provide the best treatment and program this time around.  Facilities can typically provide forms for you to fill out called Release of Information forms, which can be given to previous facilities so that they can send their records to the current facility.

A facility can often provide a pre-admissions form which will request a lot of this information.  This way, most of the needed information is provided to them quickly.  They can use this form to assess the case, and then request any additional information needed.  Filling these types of forms out helps to streamline the process of admission.

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Struggling with addiction can be a tough place to be in, but it can be overcome with the proper treatment.  Here at Best Drug rehabilitation, we provide comprehensive treatment that is tailored to each individual to address their addiction, as well as the issues and factors that underlie it.  Give us a call today, and our advisors will answer any questions that you may have.

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