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Am I Addicted to My Prescription?

Wondering “Am I addicted to my prescription” is something that is not a very uncommon question. Countless people all over the world are given prescription drugs for whatever reasons, and soon after begin showing signs of an addiction, but not all people suffer with a prescription addiction.

Am I Addicted to My Prescription: Questions to Ask Yourself

To better understand if you are addicted to prescription painkillers, ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Do you find yourself thinking about your prescription throughout your day?
  2. Do you feel incomplete if you have not taken your prescription, even if you do not need it?
  3. Do you get headaches or feel sick if you miss taking your prescription for a day?
  4. Have you noticed yourself going to several doctors so that you could get higher dosing to “fix” your sickness?
  5. Have you begun noticing that your prescription is affecting your finances, social life, or love life?
  6. Ask yourself if your prescription is even needed anymore, or if you are taking it out of routine?


These few questions can help you determine if you are, in fact, addicted to your prescription, and in some cases help you see that you are not addicted, just maybe misusing your prescription. In any case, you need to determine if you have a prescription addiction and if so, help for your addiction is necessary.

Am I Addicted: Getting Help for Prescription Addiction

There are thousands of different treatment programs throughout the United States that specialize in prescription addiction, and many of these programs offer both long-term and short-term help. To learn more about prescription addiction or to find the perfect prescription addiction treatment center nearest you, contact one of our prescription addiction treatment counselors today at the toll-free number above. They will be able to better assist you in planning your recovery over your prescription addiction and get back to the way life used to be, addiction free.



  • Amanda

    It can be a scary thing to be addicted or even think you may be addicted to your prescriptions. Prescription drugs are interesting because you have to take them to handle something else that had occurred with your body. Then the next thing you know is that you are addicted and cannot seem to live without the drug that was supposed to handle the original illness or injury.The right help is out there, like the Best Drug Rehabilitation center. Don’s lose faith in a hard situation.

  • Diane C

    Good information. I can see how many people who are taking prescription drugs for any length of time might have this thought go through their mind. These drugs are never meant to be taken for life. They are usually prescribed for short term solutions to a problem the person is having. If you are feeling this way or know someone who is, definitely get them to a professional facility where you or they can get the help needed to overcome the addiction before it gets even worse.

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