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A Voice in Recovery – Jared Blake at Best Drug Rehabilitation

Sharing his own struggle and recovery, Jared Blake stops by for a private performance at our treatment center.

For many who have traveled down the path of addiction, or have witnessed a close friend or relative struggling with substance abuse, know how lonely of a place it can be. As a person’s drug or alcohol use begins to spiral out of control, their addiction can cause them to isolate themselves from others. It could be from feelings of guilt, shame, or remorse over things they have done and promises they have broken. Other times it is because of anger or pain from past traumas. Whatever the reason, addiction will often cause people to push others away.

When this happens, it can be very difficult to get through to them. They shut off all lines of communication, and talking to them is an exercise in frustration – everything we say seems to fall on deaf ears. While it may seem easier, or less heartbreaking, to just give up on them and walk away, these are the times that our struggling loved ones need our support, and our positivity, the most.

That need for encouragement and positive reinforcement continues throughout the recovery process and beyond. As the person uncovers the underlying causes and works through the issues that might be contributing to their addictive behaviors – the “why” behind their substance abuse – they often have to confront things that are very uncomfortable or painful. Some may want to give up in order to avoid confronting those things, but without doing so, the chances of relapse are much, much higher.

From the very first step in overcoming addiction – understanding that their substance abuse has gotten out of control and that they need help – support, motivation, and encouragement are vital to a successful rehabilitation strategy. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we understand the importance of that and we strive to provide that for our patients in as many ways as we possibly can. From personal one-on-one sessions with counselors and case managers to patient support services, from group meetings to our extensive Aftercare Department, our patients get plenty of support from our recovery center and from each other.

Of course, there is no such thing as “too much encouragement,” and we are constantly finding ways to bring more support and motivation to BDR. One of our goods friends, Country Rock singer and songwriter Jared Blake, loves to help us out with that. Recently, he stopped by our treatment center to give a private performance for our patients and staff, sharing his story of hope through recovery.

Jared is a successful musician, having been elevated to national attention after his appearance on the reality TV competition “The Voice” in 2011 as a member of Blake Shelton’s team. But life wasn’t always this way for. Years ago, his own issues with substance abuse threatened to end Jared’s music career before it even began. But, recognizing the problems he was causing in his life, he reached out for help, entered a rehabilitation program, and found sobriety.

Now, he has released several hit singles and EPs, performs around 100 concerts a year, and spends lots of time in the studio working on new songs or perfecting older ones. When he isn’t concentrating on his career, Jared likes to go to schools or treatment centers to share his own story, showing people that there is hope beyond substance abuse and that recovery is possible.

“Ever since I got out of rehab, I make it a habit talking to patients about my experience,” he says. “Sometimes you get tired of hearing your counselor – I come in and play songs to kind of throw you off guard a little bit, to open you up to thinking about things and not looking at me as I’m someone here to lecture you or give you a speech.”

He played one of his newest songs for the BDR crowd, titled “Orange Keychain.” According to Jared, this song is about the different paths that people travel through life and the different choices we make. “As addicts,” he says, “we find our spirituality in all sorts of strange ways.” This is one of the major concepts behind the design of the recovery strategy at Best Drug Rehabilitation. Every patient is unique, and each will travel his or her own path in overcoming addiction. We offer a variety of program options for our patients to choose from, which allows them to find what will work best for their individual needs.

Also, our patients’ progress through the program is also personalized, based on individual results rather than any set time frame. This gives them plenty of opportunities to explore any of our program options that they wish to. If they find that one treatment method isn’t quite what they need, they aren’t stuck with that option. They can try different things until they find what feels right for them.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we know that one of the most effective tools that we can offer is support and encouragement. We do all that we can to provide that to our patients in every way possible. With people like Jared Blake sharing their stories with us, our patients see that, with determination and optimism, overcoming addiction is possible. They find a sense of hope and an understanding that, no matter how difficult the recovery process may seem, in the end, it is worth it.

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