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9 Secrets Drug Addicts Don’t Want You to Know

Posted by Myra Davis to Addiction

Do you know people who are drug addicts? They can be hard to spot. Addicts don’t wear signs that tell the world about their addiction. However, most users I know hide their addictions to avoid judgment, shame, consequences, or reality. If you know someone who struggles with a drug addiction, realize that they may not want you to know these nine secrets.

1. Drug Addicts Don’t Want You to Know When They Started Using

Maybe your friend started using in middle school and is now a middle-aged adult. Perhaps your addicted friend is a senior adult and started abusing a prescription drug after a recent surgery. Both new and veteran addicts will be hesitant to tell you when they started using.


2. Where They Get Their Drugs

Try to follow users who are looking to score, and you won’t get very far. They don’t want to get caught doing something illegal, and they won’t rat out their supplier. That’s why addicts become experts at shaking off followers, taking multiple buses, using different routes every time, or lying about where they’re going.

3. How Much They Use

First-time users typically start with small amounts, but they’re going to need more drugs the second time to achieve the same high. By the time an addiction has set in, the addicts could be smoking a few nickel bags or swallowing dozens of pills every day, and they aren’t going to tell you how much they use to get high.

4. How Often They Use

It doesn’t matter if they use once a week, once a day, or once an hour: Addicts don’t reveal how often they use.

5. How Much Money They Spend

They hide their paycheck stubs, quietly steal cash from friends and family, or pawn everything they can get their hands on. What addicts won’t do is tell you how much money they spend on obtaining their drug of choice.

6. Where They Get Their Drug Money

Stealing is a crime, and no addict wants to go to jail. I know most of my addicted friends hide where they get cash for drugs, and yours probably do, too.

7. Where They Store the Drugs

Drug addicts find crazy places to hide their stash from family, friends and the cops. I’ve seen drugs stored under mattresses, behind gas tank flaps, inside pens, and in candy wrappers. Any place that’s private, concealed, or disguised is fair game for drugs.

8. Which Drugs They Use

With dozens of illegal and prescription drugs on the market, your addicted friends could be using anything from marijuana to meth. They probably won’t tell you what they use, though. In fact, they’ll do everything they can to hide their use, including changing clothes and showering, gargling with mouthwash, and spraying perfume or body spray on themselves afterward.

9. Why They Are Absent From Work or Social Events

When their lives revolve around getting and using drugs, your friends will start missing work and social activities. They’ll make excuses like illness or another commitment, though, instead of telling you they are too strung out or high to participate.

Your friends who are drug addicts will keep these nine secrets from you. Hope and help are available, though. Learn more about addiction and encourage your friends to take the next steps and get the help they need.

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