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5 Ways to Make Full Use of Your Drug Rehab Program

From Rock Bottom to Rehabilitation

5 ways to make full use of your drug rehab program

How can one fully utilize a drug rehab program? For the sake of illustration, let us take a real life example:

A seven-year-old boy was very active and wasn’t really interested in concentrating on his schoolwork. He was taken to a doctor who prescribed the amphetamine psychoactive drug Ritalin. He was told that in order to be normal, he had to take it, and his parents went along with this. He was subsequently a Ritalin user until he was 21-years-old.

By then, he was crushing and snorting the Ritalin to get the immediate effect.

He was also using alcohol and illicit drugs. At the urging of others, he checked into an excellent rehab facility. He eventually graduated and was off drugs.

As a note, his original “ADHD” turned out to be symptomatic of an allergy to gluten (wheat).

He drank, and starting using cocaine rather heavily.

One day, he was told his father was sick in the hospital and didn’t have long to live. He was informed that he had to show up sober and he agreed. He sat in the coach section of an airplane, fully sober, and was told that he had an opportunity to go to first class free of charge. He had never been in first class before and enthusiastically jumped at the chance.

They serve free alcohol in first class.

As the plane touched down, he was intoxicated – as in drunk, smashed, loaded, hammered, blasted, and blitzed. It might have been a funny episode except that this man couldn’t afford to show up drunk. His family was distraught. They could not bear the thought of him appearing drunk at his father’s death bed, so he wasn’t allowed in.

His father passed away that night.

At the funeral, the young man pledged to his father – wherever he was – that he’d get clean and stay clean. He checked back into the same rehab center and has been clean and sober ever since.

That was in 2006 and this same man has dedicated his life to drug education and rehabilitation. He has reached over 100,000 people and made friends all over the country.

death from drugsMany recovered addicts will describe what they refer to as “rock bottom” or some sort of epiphany – a realization that they cannot, as a member of the human race, let their problem continue. They decide they cannot lie any more to themselves or others.

Not all stories are as dramatic as this one. However, some are far more gruesome. The most tragic ones are when “rock bottom” equates to death.

With that example in mind, when someone checks into rehab, how should they approach it?

First, the detoxification process should result in a person who is drug free. Ultimately you want someone clean. A methadone clinic is not rehabilitation.

Once someone is off drugs, it is only the start.


The Right Way To Approach Rehab With Five Major Points

Understand The Program Real Solutions Camaraderie Make It A Game Honesty

1. Honesty

Is your heart in it or are you just going through the motions?

Honesty In RehabYou’ll have to ask yourself that question. Having some faith in the program is of course valuable. But beyond that – and this may sound like a cliché – but you’ll get back what you put into it.

Does it take courage? Certainly.

But at a professional center where people know what they are doing, you hopefully won’t feel like you’re going it alone. But yes, in order to get the full benefit, it helps immensely that you are invested in the activity.

When you went to school, did you ever memorize something just to pass a test and have no understanding of it?

The same is true of any rehabilitation process. You’ve got to mean it.

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2. Make it a Game

Make it a game? What the hell does that mean?

What is meant by “game” is a contest of one force against another force. Not unlike basketball, football, baseball, or chess – only in this game, it is you and your team combating drug addiction.

Your team consists of you, your fellows who are also in rehab, the staff at the center, your friends, and your family. That’s a lot of people.

You’d think that the addiction would collapse before such a mighty adversary, but addiction can be a formidable beast. It often takes all those people to beat it. That’s the playing field. When you look at it that way, you can get a more objective perspective. Make it a game.

make recovery a game

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3. Camaraderie

“Camaraderie” is defined as “Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together; a spirit of familiarity and closeness.”

camaraderieIn rehab, you’re in there with others not too dissimilar to yourself.

They’ve struggled for years with some of the same demons you’ve been up against.

It’s not unlike a hockey team or a platoon of soldiers. Many people in rehab make friends for life. You help each other in rehab. Through helping others, you understand yourself better. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a “lone wolf.” You can still help others and you can, in turn, be helped.

You can make friends whose trust has been tested, passed through fire, and emerged intact – a bond that cannot be broken.

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4. Real Solutions

People start taking drugs to solve problems.

solutionsEven if that problem is “I’m bored,” it’s still a problem for them. They look around for solutions and see their friends smoking cigarettes, drinking, smoking weed, taking pills, using meth – any or all of the above – and they see this as a “solution.”

They smoke weed, get high, and aren’t quite as bored as they were.

They have found a solution – they think.

But the drugs wear off and the only answer is to take more, increase the dosage, or use a harder drug.

Sooner or later, the solution becomes the problem.

You could look at it as a circle or spiral that doesn’t end. It just goes further and further down. It stops when the drugs stop. But it starts going in an upward direction when someone starts to use real solutions which do not turn into problems. Robbing banks may get you money, but it’ll get you shot or behind bars. So you make an honest living. Drug use is not dissimilar.

You can deal with life without chemicals. This is something to learn and concentrate on while in rehab. It also applies fully in your life after rehab.

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5. Understand the Program

Any rehab program exists solely for the person doing it. If that person is you, it exists for your benefit – to help you get clean and stay that way.

understand the programYou have every right to understand how the program works.

Take the point of view of the BODY, the MIND, and the SPIRIT.

In detox, you address the BODY – the physical dependence that has gripped your life. When you get counseling and you look at upsets and what motivated your drug abuse, you are largely dealing with the MIND. If you are a spiritual or religious person, following a faith-based route, it is the SPIRIT you are looking at.

Being able to understand the program and breaking down your addiction into its parts can give you a much clearer view overall.

Through understanding, you can better conquer the problems at hand.

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The Road Back

The example above is of a young man who was put on a heavy psychoactive stimulant at a very young age.

He wasn’t given a choice.

Later in life, he was able to rise above the addictions which were essentially forced upon him.

His is a bright attestation to the power of the human spirit.

Anyone who winds up in rehab has the opportunity to turn their dark circumstance into a tale of resilience and determination.

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