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4 Big Addiction Myths Busted

Posted by Myra Davis to Addiction

Drug addiction myths are everywhere. Not only do they spread false information about addiction, but they can also discourage addicts from seeking life-saving treatment. I’m here to tell you that there’s hope. Shatter four drug addiction myths today, and prepare to find the help you need.

Myth 1: Drug Addiction is a Choice

Do you remember the first time you used drugs? No one forced that pill in your mouth. You made a choice. However, as you kept using, your body and brain chemistry began to change and created intense cravings, a compulsion to use, and lack of impulse control. Drug use became a necessity, not a choice.


That’s why you need a strong network of supporters as you get and stay clean. You can’t just choose to quit. You need medical treatment and maybe medicine to help your body adjust to being drug-free. You’ll also need to relearn how to live without drugs so that instead of reaching for a pill to wake up, go to bed, or handle stress, you use healthy coping skills.

Myth 2: This Only Happens to Losers, The Biggest of the Addiction Myths

You aren’t immune to or destined for drug addiction because of your demographics. Anyone can become an addict. In fact, I’ve seen addicts who are rich, poor, black, white, professional, unemployed, young, and old. I’ve even known addicts who continue to work, care for their families, and successfully hide their addiction.

Before you give in to hopelessness and decide there’s nothing you can do about your addiction, understand that you’re not immune to help. You can find a treatment plan that works for you and allows you to continue making a positive impact on society. Your addiction does not make you a loser.

Myth 3: Drug Addiction Can’t Occur With a Prescription

Illegal drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin do cause addiction. They aren’t the only problem drugs, however. You can have a prescription for medicine and be an addict to your painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, or stimulants.

While I don’t advocate that you avoid medication because you might become addicted, I do encourage you to be aware of the risk. If you currently find yourself addicted to a prescription, talk with your doctor and seek treatment immediately. Together, you can find a balance that ensures that you stay clean and healthy.

Myth 4: Drug Addiction is an Untreatable Disease

What would you think if your doctor diagnosed you with diabetes or fibromyalgia but said there’s no cure? You’d get a second opinion. I encourage you to see drug addiction the same way. It is treatable! You’re going to have to put some effort into it, though, because unfortunately, no magic wand erases addiction.

To treat your drug addiction, start with rehab. Here, you’ll receive the medical, emotional, and physical support you need to detox and begin your recovery journey. Then, commit to abstinence, therapy, a support group, and tools, such as exercise, journaling, and meditation, that help you stay clean.

Drug addiction myths spread lies about substance abuse and prevent addicts from seeking treatment. Stop believing myths and start spreading the truth today as you discover hope and help for your drug addiction.

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  • Diane C

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to be addicted to alcohol or drugs and thinking that it was because I was a low life and unable to handle myself and then to get up the courage to go the doctor and seek help and have him tell me that there was nothing they could do as there was no cure. How devastating that would be. I can see why the person would go out and just continue taking the drugs or drinking as there is nothing that can be done anyway. Thank goodness there are places like Best Drug Rehab that we can get these people to who will help them and show them that they can overcome their addiction.

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