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10 Celebrities Who Died from Prescription Drug Overdose Prescription Drugs

In 2010 researches concluded that about 6,600 people begin using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons each day (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/26/celebrity-overdoses-deaths-prescription-drugs_n_1831731.html). Prescription drugs are currently the number one cause of overdose including allergic reactions, accidental, and purposeful overdose.

Celebrity Overdose

Numerous celebrities have gotten caught up in the prescription addiction trap despite living a life where they seem to have it all. No amount of talent, money, or fame can shield you from falling victim to the serious consequence of fatal overdose.

  • Heath Ledger: In 2008 Ledger died as a result of mixing several prescription drugs. It was made clear by the Medical Examiner that he was using the drugs for their intoxicant effect.
  • Chris Penn: This actor died from overdose of promethazine and codeine. His enlarged heart and obesity likely aggravated his heart disease making him more vulnerable to problems with prescription drugs.
  • Jimi Hendrix: After taking too many of his girlfriend’s prescription pills, this influential musician literally choked to death on his own vomit.
  • Elvis Presley: The King is one of the most famous celebrities who died from overdosing on prescriptions. At the time of death he was under the influence of at least 14 drugs.
  • Anna Nicole Smith: This former Playboy model made headline news when she was found to have died from overdosing on painkillers. Though the levels of the drugs in her system were lower than normal overdose levels, the cocktail of at least nine various prescriptions caused a fatal reaction.
  • Michael Jackson: This star’s controversial death was officially ruled a homicide when his personal physician is said to have administered Michael with prescription drugs which led to overdose.
  • Bruce Lee: At the young age of 32 he died from swelling of the brain caused by a serious allergic reaction to a prescription painkiller given to him by a friend for a headache.
  • Judy Garland: This “Wizard of Oz” star overdosed on barbiturates after years of prescription pill abuse.
  • Marilyn Monroe: At the age of 36 this famous actress died from “acute barbiturate poisoning” after ingesting multiple prescription drugs.
  • Whitney Houston: In 2012 on Whitney fell asleep in a hotel bathtub after ingesting cocaine and various prescription drugs. When police arrived on scene her hotel room was scattered with prescription bottles which had been prescribed by five different doctors.

Inpatient Treatmentpresciption drug

Prescription drugs in particular are often used by people who are attempting to recover from another addiction. This often leads the hopeful into another cycle of addiction. By taking advantage of inpatient treatment you can learn coping techniques without relying on different drugs. Additionally such treatment can provide you with privacy, security, friendships, and constant day or night support.

According to the CDC, overdoses have tripled in the past ten years (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/26/celebrity-overdoses-deaths-prescription-drugs_n_1831731.html). Don’t fall victim to this tragic consequence of prescription addiction. Inpatient treatment can provide you with a new life of recovery and help you steer clear of prescription drugs for good.


  • Angelica Rion

    It’s too bad that we’ve lost so many talented people to addiction, especially when it’s avoidable by simple fact-checking by doctor offices and pharmacies.

    It’s interesting that some states (such as Ohio) are now requiring patients to see a specific pain specialist before a prescription for barbiturates is written. Family physicians and emergency doctors are no longer allowed to prescribe these medications in hopes that drug interactions and multiple prescriptions don’t cause death or serious injury in patients.

  • Cheri Bryer

    Yes this is a horrible tragedy I was so lucky to have come out of it alive. Though I often wonder why me when so many don’t. I have dedicated my life now in helping others with my story. And I try to be a voice for those who don’t have one and speak out whenever I can about this disease. I hope to reach as many afflicted as I can. And show them that life is amazing even after drugs…….

  • Melanie Maiden

    So many talented people taken from us. It really is a shame. My prayers go out to all the families. A close friend of mine always said, ” I don’t think even superman could get away from drugs”. I have known of one to beat an addiction. I admire this person so much, and also all those who are trying to beat it. God Bless you.

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