Addiction Relapse: Finding the Motivation to Go Back to Rehab

If there’s one thing addicts know about recovery, it’s that getting sober is an ongoing…

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Aaron Benefited Greatly From the Program and Services Rehab Offers

When Aaron first arrived at rehab, he admitted that he had finally rock bottom and…

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5 Ways Amphetamines Differ from Methamphetamine

Amphetamine and methamphetamine are two drugs that, based on their names and chemical base, you…

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The Benefits of Addiction Treatment Programs

A former addiction treatment client, who chose to remain anonymous, recently came forward and intimately…

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Spouses of Addicts: How to Cope After Your Loved One Enters Rehab

No one wants to believe that addiction can happen to them or their spouse. But…

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Bridget Received the Needed Treatment for Addiction

When Bridget first showed up at the addiction treatment facility, she was told that she…

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