Motivation vs. Habit: What’s Really Driving Addiction?

Addiction is one of the most significant issues that face our modern society, and it…

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From Painkillers to Heroin: The Unintended Consequences of Opiate Medication

The addiction epidemic spreading throughout our nation has been growing at an unprecedented rate. It…

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U.S. Doctors: Their Take on Medication Maintenance Addiction Treatment

Addiction has been an issue in our nation for many years and there have been…

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The Dangerously Flawed History Behind OxyContin and Pain Management

The drug epidemic within our country has seemed only to worsen as time goes on.…

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One Addict’s Experience: Involuntary Commitment for Substance Abuse

Involuntary commitment for substance abuse treatment is being made to do something that you do…

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Is Alcohol Abuse Among College Students Today Worse Than Before?

There are certainly a lot of different issues and difficulties that come and go with…

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