What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction Therapy

While there is no one exact method to recovery that works for everyone, using a variety of approaches and giving the freedom of choice allows clients to find successful treatment. Addiction treatment therapy is a fundamental part of any rehabilitation program, and when combined with optional groups its effectiveness increases and broadens clients’ perspective for every aspect of their recovery. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a robust addiction treatment therapy process alongside tools for implementing therapy solutions in day-to-day living.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Many rehabilitation facilities offer some type of treatment therapy for addiction. When clients work with counselors, tremendous healing is possible. Cognitive therapy often examines the roots of client’s problems and helps them see the effects of addiction on their lives. However, many recovering drug addicts and alcoholics are reluctant to open up to therapy; stagnating the process. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a new approach to addiction treatment therapy that focuses on opening clients up to voicing their feelings before counseling, engaging them with other addicts and developing their life skills through special therapy.

Level of Participation

While some rehabilitation facilities opt for scare tactics to try and force addicts into a recovery mindset, Best Drug Rehabilitation recognizes that this is not an effective approach. Instead, this recovery program focuses on helping clients learn to discuss with others what they are going through.  Some addicts may struggle to admit their problems and others are unsure that rehabilitation will help. This level of  participation is the first step in getting clients to express their feelings about their situation in a supportive environment. By developing the skills to express thoughts openly, clients can work better with counselors and in group therapy sessions.

One-on-One Counseling

Best Drug Rehabilitation utilizes one-on-one counseling to give personal attention and care to every client. While the ability to communicate helps addicts begin the therapy process, the journey can still be difficult. Many alcoholics and drug addicts turned to drugs as a way of suppressing experiences in their lives they could not handle. However, the use of alcohol and drugs only caused further stress on relationships, jobs, and personal goals while stunting the emotional development of the addict. Best Drug Rehabilitation’s counselors have been where the clients were and achieved success. They help addicts build on their recovery slowly, guiding them through the healing process and teaching ways to deal with the pain in a healthy manner. Best Drug Rehabilitation’s counselors not only help clients express themselves but also establish simple goals, step-by-step, to aid the recovery process. As recovering addicts begin completing treatment goals, they progress in their healing and open up to other areas of the program.

Group Therapy

While every client has a personal counselor for one-on-one therapy sessions, the group dynamic is an important part of addiction treatment. In a group setting, clients work together at different stages of the healing process, helping one another along just by sharing their own experiences and goals. Clients can take part in optional support groups of their choosing from Self-help and 12-Steps to faith-based groups. Best Drug Rehabilitation also offers a holistic program and a Native American track with talking circles. Whichever type of group a client chooses to take part in, the ability to share openly with others in recovery creates a special bond that signifies no addict is ever alone.

Optional Groups

Clients at Best Drug Rehabilitation always have the option of choosing what they want to take part in during their recovery. Those that would like to engage in religious groups can choose from Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Native American, and Judaism. There are also available groups in creative disciplines like music and art, as well as professional  resume writing and financial planning to problem solving and creative thinking.


Best Drug Rehabilitation’s approach to addiction treatment therapy builds towards a successful recovery with strong aftercare. Clients work with counselors to develop relapse prevention plans and go over the transition back to everyday life before their release. After graduation, clients continue their addiction treatment therapy with follow-up counseling and local support groups.

The New Approach

Best Drug Rehabilitation takes pride in its successful new approach to addiction treatment therapy. By utilizing various methods of recovery and opening clients up to counseling through group participation, addicts begin to heal with the freedom to choose their own type of program while working at their own pace. For more information on addiction treatment therapy and how to customize a recovery program, please contact Best Drug Rehabilitation today.

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