The Necessary Steps to Addiction Treatment Success

For successful addiction treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse, clients must go through necessary steps for their recovery. Best Drug Rehabilitation provides a structure that guides recovering addicts through treatment while also giving them choices in customizing their own program. These steps help people beat their addiction and maintain sobriety after rehabilitation.


The first step towards recovery is cleansing the body of any alcohol or drugs. Clients with severe withdrawal effects undergo a medically supervised detox with a trained staff and nurses on hand to help 24-hours a day. Best Drug Rehabilitation also focuses on using a natural health approach to treatment, using vitamins, exercise, and nutrition along with massage therapy and acupuncture. Once clients are no longer in any danger from their withdrawal and their bodies are cleansed of drugs and alcohol, they move on to the rest of the program.

Orientation and Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

After detox, clients are introduced to the program, given a guided tour of the facility, and meet with counselors and the management team. The orientation helps clients ease into the treatment process and understand that they have the freedom to choose what type of recovery program they want. Best Drug Rehabilitation believes that giving freedom to clients is a key component for successful treatment.

Level of Participation

Without personal commitment and active participation, clients cannot heal. Best Drug Rehabilitation begins the recovery program with courses to help alcoholics and drug addicts learn how to express feelings openly. This paves the way for clients to work with counselors and begin to heal.

Addressing Past Issues

Alcoholics and drug addicts previously abused substances rather than facing up to their problems. Clients need to learn how to address their issues in a healthy way. Everything from daily problems to family issues and financial worries can impact people in recovery. Without learning how to handle life stresses, recovering alcoholics and drug addicts will be more likely to relapse. By practicing exercises in addressing issues, clients learn to tackle their problems and use their skills in relationships, also.

Stabilizing Emotions

Substance abuse has stripped people of any control over their lives. Best Drug Rehabilitation teaches responsibility focusing on how to peacefully handle difficult situations and keep composure. Clients work with supervisors on drills to begin putting their new found tools to use.

Choosing a Recovery Path

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers five separate modalities for approaching recovery. Clients can choose what path is right for their individual needs and beliefs, utilizing skills learned in their previous groups and opening their minds to further healing.

1. Self-Help Enhancement
Recovering drug addicts and alcoholics can opt for a self-help based program that utilizes support groups, fellowships, and recovery communities. Clients attend Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, as well as lectures from recovering addicts and guided meditation sessions with counselors.
2. Indigenous
The Indigenous path uses the recovery program of White Bison, Inc. as part of the Native American Wellbriety movement. With talking circles, spiritual counseling, and a focus on finding the “Good Path,” recovering addicts follow the Native American tradition of healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
3. Faith-Based
For clients that want to follow a religious path in their treatment, there are faith-based programs. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers religious groups in Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and Judaism. Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts looking to restore their faith or those without a religious background can find healing through the religion of their choosing.
4. Holistic
The holistic path takes clients on a natural healing journey that focuses on yoga, Aikido, martial arts, meditation, guided imagery sessions, massage therapy, and acupuncture. With an overall approach to a healthy lifestyle through vitamins and proper nutrition, recovering drug addicts and alcoholics improve their body, mind, and spirit naturally.
5. Cognitive
Through one-on-one therapy, clients work with an individual counselor to uncover their issues and express their feelings. Counselors help recovering addicts determine what goals they want to set and how to approach their healing process. Best Drug Rehabilitation has counselors from all backgrounds and experiences in overcoming different addictions and utilizing various modalities of treatment.

Aftercare with Best Drug Rehab

Clients plan out a Relapse Prevention Plan to prepare for dealing withlife after release. By working with the Aftercare Department at Best Drug Rehabilitation, recovering addicts receive guidance on transitioning back to their lives, receive information on local recovery meetings, and help on finding housing, jobs, and benefits. Once clients have graduated the program, they will receive a certificate from Best Drug Rehabilitation at the ceremony. After graduation, clients remain in contact with the Aftercare Department through phone calls and can receive help through every step in their new lives.

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