Can Addiction Treatment be Spiritual?

Spiritual Addiction Treatment

Best Drug Rehabilitation focuses on giving individual clients choices about how they approach their recovery. For many recovering alcoholics and drug users, spirituality plays a major role in their healing process. Spirituality does not always mean a religious approach and Best Drug Rehabilitation recognizes that clients need to be given different options if they want to experience a spiritual addiction treatment. While offering religious groups, Best Drug Rehabilitation also provides Self-help and 12-Step programs, a holistic approach, and a Native American Spirituality track. Clients are free to choose any of these options or none at all in their journey through recovery.

What is Spiritual Addiction Treatment?

Unlike many other rehabilitation facilities, Best Drug Rehabilitation does not force clients into recovery programs they do not want to do. Instead, clients decide what groups to take part in. This is fundamental to any approach of spiritual addiction treatment. Each individual must come to his or her own understanding of what spirituality means. Some may opt for a religious based view and others may take on their own interpretation of God, a higher power, nature, the universe, or spirit. Best Drug Rehabilitation welcomes clients to choose the concept that works best for them, helping alcoholics and drug users build their recovery around their spirituality with counseling, group sessions and groups.

Religious and Faith-Based Tracks

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers groups in Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and Judaism. Many clients already have a background with these religions and can center their recovery on their concept of spirituality through faith. Others may not have prior experience with religion but can still take optional groups at Best Drug Rehabilitation to discover new ways of thinking, finding ways of relying on their faith to heal.

Self-Help and 12-Step Tracks

For clients that do not want to take part in religious practices and studies, one of Best Drug Rehabilitation’s other programs is a Self-help and 12 Step track. These programs incorporate spirituality without religion, allowing recovering alcoholics and drug users to come up with their own concept of a power greater than themselves. Some clients use this freedom of spirituality to understand God on their own terms, others believe in the universe or nature, and some members simply rely on the power of the support groups to guide them through. With recovery meetings in the addiction treatment center and also outside the rehabilitation facility, clients are constantly engaged with other recovering drug users and alcoholics, listening to their stories of hope and strength. Clients also work with counselors in developing tools for handling their problems and preparing them for life after rehabilitation.

Spirituality Through Holistic Rehab

For clients that do not want religious, Self-help, or 12-step programs during their recovery, another option relies on a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Here spirituality is combined with healthy solutions ranging from vitamin usage and proper nutrition. These all-natural methods along with exercise, massage therapy, and acupuncture help clients handle the withdrawal effects of their addiction and cleanse their bodies. Best Drug Rehabilitation believes that a healthy body and mind can lead to a healing of spirit. Clients can take part in martial arts and yoga groups while also exploring philosophies to discover their own sense of spirituality. Listening to other alcoholics and drug users in recovery, as well as counselors who have overcome their own afflictions can help clients strive to better themselves and commit to the healing process.

Native American Spirituality

The Indigenous Path at Best Drug Rehabilitation emphasizes the Native American Wellbriety movement. A licensed Native American Bison-certified counselor oversees the program that is available not only for Native Americans, but any clients looking for a spiritual path to recovering their health. Clients can partake in talking circles during the rehabilitation stay and join Wellbriety Circles after release as part of their aftercare. Some of the materials used in this track include:

  • Meditations with Native American Elders
  • The Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps
  • The Red Road to Wellbriety in the Native American Way


Spirit Rehabilitation Counselors

Best Drug Rehabilitation features counselors with different backgrounds in addiction recovery to work with each of the various programs offered. With a diverse array of spiritual approaches to recovery, clients have the opportunity to find a program that best suits their individual needs. Best Drug Rehabilitation gives clients one-on-one counseling to give each person personal care and focus. Counselors guide alcoholics and drug users through a program while clients decide what spiritual path they want to choose and develop.

Spiritual Recovery

The spiritual addiction treatment path that clients take at Best Drug Rehabilitation is entirely their choosing. By providing options for all types of people, anyone can find successful recovery. Even alcoholics and drug users who have not had success in rehabilitation centers before can try a new type of journey. Please contact Best Drug Rehabilitation today for more details on choosing a spiritual addiction treatment.


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