What is Self-Help Addiction Treatment?

Self Help Addiction TreatmentBecause each person suffering from alcohol or drug addiction is unique, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers an equally unique way to help each individual overcome his or her addiction. Unlike other rehabilitation programs that may offer a single, set course that everyone must follow, we offer five different paths to recovery. People are free to choose which path best aligns with their own needs, lifestyle, beliefs and strategies to work most successfully for them.

The five paths we offer are faith-based, cognitive, holistic, Native American spirituality and our self-help addiction treatment. While each treatment option may differ greatly from the others, each includes the same supplemental help in the form of group, individual and behavioral therapies. Self-discovery through an intensive inventory and additional methods are also part of each plan to establish a firm base for sobriety and a starting point for a whole new life.

Self-Help Addiction Treatment Explained

Our self-help addiction treatment path relies heavily on support groups, fellowships and other recovering communities to provide the support and assistance so vital for a successful recovery. Benefits of such a path includes  support from others who have “been there, done that” and can share their own experience, strength and hope to help others overcome their own addictions. In addition to the strong support one receives from regularly attending the meetings, additional help often comes in the form of a network of people in recovery to whom one can reach out at any time of the day or night.

12-Step Treatment

The groups generally follow the 12-step program first established by Alcoholics Anonymous, although each program of recovery may be tailored to address the substance or issues on which the group focuses most. Those who suffer from dual addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, may find relief from either support group that focuses on the substances that floored them.

Some of the recovery communities available for help include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)
  • Drug Addicts Anonymous (DAA)

The only requirement for joining a fellowship is typically a desire to stop drinking or using drugs. That requirement best transforms into a successful recovery when participants are open, honest and willing to try a new way of life.

Best Drug Rehabilitation’s self-help path of recovery combines outside recovery meetings, inside recovery meetings, lectures from those in recovery from drugs and alcohol, meetings with drug and alcohol counselors and guided meditation sessions.

One of the major aims of self-help recovery is teaching coping mechanisms for getting through daily events or incidents that would have normally led to an escape through a substance and avoiding things that can lead to a drug or alcohol indulgence. Other program benefits include learning to deal with addiction as well as its negative effects and the personality changes that may have occurred due to years of alcohol and drug abuse.

The inclusion of outside meetings greatly assists in the establishment of a ready-made network of fellow sufferers who will be there once residential treatment ends. This is a major benefit of the self-help track since leaving the safe and secure environment of our treatment center and entering the “real world” can be a scary transition without support.

The same real-world issues and problems may be waiting, but the greatest difference is knowing how to successfully deal with them without running to drink or drugs. An outside network of ongoing support can be a highly effective tool for staying sober for the long term, and even for life.

Those who choose the self-help recovery path can combine it with our faith-based path for an even stronger recovery program. Because the 12-steps include a reliance on a higher power of a person’s choice, the faith-based path compliments the overall program immensely.

As with any of our faith-based programs at Best Drug Rehabilitation, people are free to practice any religion or set of beliefs they wish without judgment from staff or fellow clients. The same holds true with self help recovery groups. While they encourage belief in a higher power, that higher power does not have to meet any specific parameters and can be a higher power of one’s “own understanding.”

Other Treatment Components

The specific treatment path is one of the components of Best Drug Rehabilitation’s overall treatment program. Our overall treatment modality starts with detoxification then moves on to orientation, therapy,  one-on-one counseling and successful aftercare. We offer activities and groups that range from music to resume writing, from yoga to financial planning. Our main goal is to help people discover a life of continuous sobriety, and our programs of recovery can help them get there.


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