Native American Treatment Benefits

The Native American community has suffered through decades of alcohol and drug abuse problems. With limitations placed on the communities and vanishing employment opportunities, the temptation of substance abuse runs rampant. Unfortunately, drug abuse does not respect race or religion. It rips apart the lives of the abuser, the family, and the community surrounding them, thus creating the need for special programs such as our Native American Treatment Program.

Our Native American Treatment Program

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a customized program geared to the Native American drug and alcohol abuser. Indigenous Track is a plan of recovery that has shown success for those who follow the customs and beliefs of Native Americans. The materials such as “Meditations with Native American Elders,” “The Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps” and “The Red Road to Wellbriety in the Native American Way” are all part of the program led by a licensed Native American counselor. The Talking Circles program continues to help abusers find hope and break the chains of addiction.

More than 10 million Native Americans resided in North America before it was ever discovered. Since then, the race has faced many difficult challenges. Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the newest of the last century that continually ruins lives and destroys families. One in ten Native American deaths are related to alcohol abuse. Sadly, only 2.4 percent of admissions to drug and alcohol treatment facilities are Native Americans. With the specialized program designed for Native Americans, Best Drug Rehabilitation is changing that.

Who Benefits From the Program

  • Native Americans who are addicted to drugs or alcohol who want to regain sobriety and health through traditional teachings and ceremony
  • Substance abusers who seek their own path, not comfortable with typical drug rehab programs or those uncomfortable with other faith-based programs
  • Recovering abusers who want to add a dimension to the current rehabilitation program with alternative practices and spiritual counseling

Spirituality and Holistic Healing

Spirituality and Native American practices are vital to the very core of the Native American way of life. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, the program designed for Native Americans understands this philosophy, believing that rehab should encompass the spirituality of the group as well as the individual, and that it is a main component to their recovery.

The approach is holistic at Best Drug Rehabilitation. While the person is treated with respect, the program encompasses the emotional well-being, physical health, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each client. Recovering from addiction means reconnecting to their spiritual roots and participating in cultural events and activities that lead them to a fuller life.

Components to Success

Native Americans can relearn the path to success or failure, choose success and happiness over disappointment and death, and move to a place of peace in their inner being. There are several key steps that are specially designed in regards to treatment that include:

  • The use of customs and religion respecting the Native American traditions and way of life
  • Group therapy that includes talking circles for each client to communicate to increase trust and ensure personal growth
  • Traditional Native American ceremonies that help the body and mind to heal through the spirit, as well as ceremonies to help heal emotional and emotional issues caused by the addiction
  • Confront issues of trauma, both physical and emotional, that are inherited through the culture and upbringing
  • Recovery implementing religious tools and continued spirituality based on staying clean and sober
  • Living without drugs or alcohol and prohibiting the use of any after treatment is complete

Positive results are seen after the application of both physical and spiritual aspects. The clients at Best Drug Rehabilitation who experience our program for Native Americans are assisted in finding their way back to “Mino Mikana” or the “Good Path.” The recovering client also acquires new coping skills through the support groups. The counseling groups promote long-term recovery and help create confidence and hope that there will be a happier life after addiction.

Let Best Drug Rehabilitation Help

Best Drug Rehabilitation encourages all graduates of the program to continue to participate in the Wellbriety Circles and Movement activities. Their continued participation not only encourages other participants to continue their path to recovery, but helps enhance and sustain their own new lifestyle of sobriety and wellness.

Addiction can be heart-breaking. The first step to recovery is seeking help through a wellness and recovery program. Native Americans have a great choice for recovery and success at Best Drug Rehabilitation. The professional counselors, physicians, and our Native American groups help encourage health and happiness after addiction.

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