What Causes Addiction?

Knowing what causes addiction helps addicts learn best methods for recovery

What Causes Addiction?

Drug and alcohol use can result in developing an addiction. While the addiction starts with using the drug or alcohol, the underlying causes of trying the substance differ between individuals. Despite the possible differences, certain causes are common among many drug and alcohol users. By understanding what causes addiction and seeking professional treatment, it is possible to fight addiction and lead a drug-free lifestyle.

Dangers of Addiction

While it is important to explore the causes of addiction to personalize a treatment plan, learning about the dangers of the condition is also vital. If addiction is allowed to continue and goes untreated, then it can result in serious impacts on emotional, physical, and emotional health.

The common dangers associated with addiction include:

  • Overdosing
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Developing emotional health conditions
  • Attacking loved ones
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Reduced inhibitions
  • Reduced ability to operate vehicles
  • Increased rates of accidents
  • Development of severe health conditions
  • Organ failure
  • Death

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious condition. With proper treatment from Best Drug Rehabilitation, it is possible to beat the problem. Without treatment, the condition of individuals will worsen until the only focus in life is the drug. Ultimately, addiction can lead to serious health conditions or even death. With treatment, drug and alcohol addiction are managed and individuals learn new ways to handle their problems. Depending on the particular cause, treatment solutions will vary.

Self-Medicating Cause of Addiction

Addiction is often found in conjunction with emotional health conditions. In some situations, the drug causes the underlying emotional health problems. In other situations, the emotional health condition is the cause of using drugs or alcohol.

When a emotional health condition is developing, young adults might turn to certain drugs or alcohol to manage the symptoms. Since the emotional health condition can alter the reaction to the substance, the individual continues to use the drug. Over time, tolerance builds up and an addiction develops. Self-medicating occurs in many cases of addiction. The individual attempts to treat the symptoms of emotional health conditions without the help of a doctor, resulting in addiction.

While self-medicating is a common cause of drug abuse, it is possible to treat the problem. When a counselor recognizes a emotional health condition, appropriate treatment is provided and the drug is no longer a necessity for the individual. Taking appropriate medications and obtaining counseling to overcome the challenges of emotional health problems can reduce the temptation to use the substance after completing a rehabilitation program.

Pleasurable Feelings Cause Addiction

Receptors in the brain react to drugs and alcohol with a feeling of pleasure, euphoria, or similar sensations. As a result of the feelings of pleasure, experimentation with drugs can become a habit. Over time, tolerance levels increase and the normal feelings of pleasure from regular activities decrease.

The specific neurotransmitters in the brain that results in unnatural feelings of pleasure vary based on the drug. All drugs impact the signals in the brain, including alcohol and marijuana. In most cases, the natural reward systems in the brain are changed, resulting in reduced pleasure from normal activities like hobbies or sports.

Since the drug causes feelings of pleasure and euphoria, it creates a sensation of rewarding the activity. Most individuals who form a habit will ultimately end up addicted to the substance.

Fear of Withdrawals

While many drugs will cause feelings of pleasure, some addictions are caused by the fear of withdrawal symptoms. The individual taking the drugs may not feel pleasure after taking the drug; instead, the drug is used to prevent withdrawal symptoms and maintain a state of normalcy.

Drugs that have severe withdrawal symptoms, like heroin and cocaine, can result in feelings of fear and discomfort before the symptoms begin. The fear can result in a cycle of drug use to avoid the unpleasant sensations of withdrawals.

Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma can cause drug usage as a method of controlling the negative emotions. The drugs cause feelings of euphoria and eliminate the memory of a traumatic experience. Drugs and alcohol provide an escape from the vicious thought processes, which causes a habit of taking drugs. When the habit turns to a need, it then becomes an addiction.

Best Drug Rehab Can Help

Every type of addiction requires a treatment, regardless of the underlying causes. Treatment focuses on detoxifying the body, providing alternative strategies to cope with trauma, treating the underlying causes, and offering support to overcome the initial challenges.

While specific groups and treatment solutions vary based on personal needs, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers solutions to fight addiction. With help and support, it is possible to beat addiction and obtain freedom from drugs. Addiction has many possible causes; what causes addiction is a very hard question to answer,  but all of the underlying reasons substance abuse develops are treatable. With professional help and support  from a facility like Best Drug Rehabilitation, treating the cause and beating addiction is a task that can be achieved.

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