Alcoholism Facts

Knowing the facts about alcoholism is an important step to stopping alcoholism altogether

Alcohol Addiction Facts

Since alcohol is legal, commonly found in social gatherings and consumed every day by many adults, it is not taken as seriously as it needs to be. Alcoholism is a dangerous disease that costs jobs, takes lives, and drastically impacts families. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers information on the importance of proper treatment and the necessary steps to achieving a lifetime of sobriety. By learning alcoholism facts, people can find help, work towards recovery, and help families heal.

Alcoholism Kills

Many recovering alcoholics have an incredible amount of gratitude for life. They not only have appreciation for being alive, they see it as a miracle. The truth is that many alcoholics narrowly escape death with their excessive drinking and harmful actions under intoxication. Alcohol-related liver disease claims more than 15,000 lives per year in the United States and approximately another 25,000 are taken from alcohol-induced deaths. This is not to mention the dangerous effects alcoholism incurs on overall health.

Sobriety for Life

As people begin to notice the harm alcohol is causing to their lives, they tend to believe they can slow down or stop for a short period. But even short periods of abstinence only lead to relapses and binges for alcoholics. The drinking cannot be controlled or cured by those afflicted or by family members. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that only gets worse in time with more drinking. The only option for alcoholics is a lifetime of sobriety, and it is possible for anyone to do this with the right help.

Treatment for Alcoholism

Best Drug Rehabilitation highlights that a treatment process of detox programs, addiction counseling, and aftercare are crucial for proper recovery. While some facilities only have a few available options, Best Drug Rehabilitation believes that clients should create their own program of groups and activities in addition to an orientation, and one-on-one counseling. Best Drug Rehabilitation also offers a holistic treatment program for those looking for a natural solution to their alcohol detox.


Detoxification from alcohol is required for a successful recovery. There can be severe withdrawal effects and cravings that are best monitored with the caring help of a rehabilitation staff. Best Drug Rehabilitation’s holistic treatment includes massage and acupuncture therapy that can help clients handle the symptoms of withdrawal during the detox.

Opening Up to Recovery

The truth about alcoholism is that anyone can recover if they have the willingness to do so. Best Drug Rehabilitation presents clients with an orientation that focuses on opening people up to the possibilities of recovery by helping them learn to express their thoughts and feelings. Clients learn that they can overcome alcoholism if they work on it and have caring support along the way.

One-on-One Counseling

Alcoholism cannot be conquered alone. It requires support from others and encouragement to work on the recovery process. Best Drug Rehabilitation focuses on individual counseling to help clients uncover the problems behind their alcoholism, express their emotions, and plan out a path to success. The loving support of counseling helps alcoholics face their inner demons while knowing that others have walked the same path and found serenity and healing through recovery.


Alcoholism is a lifelong disease that requires a lifetime of recovery. Best Drug Rehabilitation recognizes the necessity of aftercare and preparing clients for life after treatment. From handling everyday life problems to dealing with depression and cravings, the program at Best Drug Rehabilitation helps recovering alcoholics develop a process of relapse prevention. It is also highly recommended that clients seek further counseling and group support after completion of their rehabilitation.

Replacing Not Losing

Alcoholism can be difficult to overcome without a solid recovery program. Instead of viewing recovery as a loss of the ability to drink, alcoholics are encouraged to replace drinking with new activities. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a wide array of groups to its clients. With groups on everything from music and art to physical fitness and nutrition, clients can get healthy through new creative and natural lifestyles. There are also groups that focus on life skills such as problem solving, handling anger, resume writing, and financial planning. Clients are also free to choose if they would like to take part in any religious groups with offerings in Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Native American, and Judaism, but in no way are these religious groups required.

Anyone Can Recover

The most important fact about alcoholism is that anyone can recover. Many alcoholics have remarkable stories of their terrible pasts and seemingly endless bouts of drinking, but they too found recovery through willingness, support, and hard work. While it is true that there are many alcoholics that do not find sobriety, those who truly want to heal can do so if they open their minds to recovery and let others help them find it. Best Drug Rehabilitation can help you and your family heal. Contact us today at the phone number listed on this page, or simply fill out the form and one of our qualified addiction treatment specialists can help start the journey to sobriety.

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