Our Credentials

Our Staff at Best Drug Rehabilitation

The backbone of any rehab program is the staff members and the individuals who run that rehab center and keep it flowing and delivering.  This is the lifeblood of any rehab center, and this is the key to the success of any rehab program.  A rehab center can have the best facility imaginable in the best location and with the best amenities took but if the staff is not very skilled or experienced or does not work well together then the overall success and vitality and accomplishment of the rehab center will dwindle.  Furthermore, a rehab center can have in it the best array of treatment programs imaginable but if the staff is not up to speed and capable of really delivering it then the rehab center is in for hard times ahead.

Structurally speaking, a drug rehab center is run like almost any other organization.  There is more of a family dynamic and a family feel to a rehab center but ultimately the concept is very much the same.  For example, treatment facilities have an executive and administrative staff that runs the day-to-day operations while the professional staff members provide the rehab services.  There is the business side of the staff complement that manage the organization, then there is the delivery personal themselves that actually run the services provided at the rehab center itself.  At Best Drug Rehabilitation the only difference really is that all of our staff regardless of their position works together as a cohesive family-based unit, intent on achieving the goal of rehabilitating people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Our Staff Members

A rehab facility that offers inpatient services may also include residence managers and housekeepers too.  It will have cooks and counselors, coaches and teachers, and many others. Our center at Best Drug Rehabilitation has persons who fill all of those positions and then some. We have a lot of additional support staff members too that run our different electives and help deliver our additional services too, including our own lawyer, a few life coaches, a professional chef, our nutritionist, a few physical trainers, our yoga therapist, and our massage therapist.  We also have our founder and CEO, our president, our holistic psychotherapist, an admissions director, our own social worker, many clinicians, several counselors, a program director, a detox specialist, a doctor (MD), and several case managers.

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse has pointed out, (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration mentioned this too):

The overall, driving quality of the relationship between a client and his or her treatment providers influences the likelihood of treatment success in the long run.  The better the relationship, the higher the odds of recovery are.  While it is not possible for a prospective rehab client to know what the dynamic will be like with any given staff member, a professional atmosphere can lay the groundwork for trust, which is a key ingredient of success in treatment.

This is key and this is important, and for that reason all of our staff are expertly trained on working with individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  We see that this relationship between staff and client is the key to unlocking the freedom of sobriety, and for this reason we have selected the best staff that we could find, and we have trained them over years and years of service too.

The Importance of Experience

For rehab to work, the staff has to be stellar and experienced both.  A review of the staff of any rehab center in America will usually reveal decades of professional experience in the field of addiction.  We at Best Drug Rehabilitation are no different.  In fact, some of our staff are veterans of addiction treatment with multiple decades of experience in this field.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation the executive and administrative staff members also work within the center as medical doctors and professional addiction specialists both.  For example, our medical doctor also runs our entire detoxification unit, and he plays a significant role in the erasing of chemical dependence in out clients.

Our staff at Best Drug Rehabilitation are licensed and trained and totally certified.  It is important to understand and remember that drug treatment facilities are state-regulated, and professionals who work at such facilities are generally subject to a stringent state credentialing process.  In fact, the requirements for inpatient rehab centers are some of the most stringent and advanced out there for residential organizations.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has published a National Review of State Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs and Certification Standards for Substance Abuse Counselors and Prevention Professionals that describes licensing requirements from state to state and it is very thorough. The review actually covers the different compliance requirements that all facilities must follow as well as the licensing, certifications, and credentialing that rehab center staff have to have to be employed at such a center.  At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we are a totally licensed, CARF accredited rehab program and our staff are all up to date with their training, their certification, their licenses, and their credentials.

Our Staff is Our Family

We at Best Drug Rehabilitation take great pride in each other and we treat each other like family.  We are all following the same goals and purposes here, and we are all totally dedicated to accomplishing greatness and a total removal of addiction from those who come to us for help.  Some of our rehab staff are recovering addicts themselves, and have put years of their own sobriety and study and work into helping others beat the troubles and the travails of addiction once and for all.  We are all in this together, and we ultimately work together to accomplish the same goals and purposes.  In the end, we know that we are competent as a unit to offer the most stellar rehabilitative serviced out there, and we hope to continue to service clients seeking help with addiction for many years to come.


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