Staff Credentials

Veronica Johnson, B.A.
Executive Director

Veronica Johnson graduated from Western Michigan University in 2003 with a Bachelors of Arts of Sciences in Sociology with a Minor in SPADA (Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse). Experience includes the public service workforce and worked in areas including being a wraparound coordinator, outreach worker for homeless/runaways as well as being an eligibility specialist for state assistance programs.

Veronica has been with Best Drug Rehabilitation since 2012 and has mastered several aspects of the rehabilitation curriculum by being a Case Manager, Group Facilitator and the Director of Public Affairs by being Legal/Family Liaison for clients served.

Barb Walker, MA, LPC, CPS, CAADC, CCS-M
Clinical Director

Barb Walker has been with Best Drug Rehabilitation since 2012. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor/Certified Advanced Drug Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Prevention Consultant and Certified Clinical Supervisor with 18 years’ experience.

Trained and experienced in a wide range of areas: drug and alcohol, women’s issues, grief and loss, anger. Domestic violence, sexual abuse, child removal, mental health issues, marriage and family, building self- esteem and self-confidence.

Barb focuses on cognitive behavioral and reality therapy approaches. Her counseling experience is with people ages 2- 80 years old. She has a successful private practice for ten plus years.

Barb was a former EMT and was a Suicide Crisis Counselor, Child Protective Services Intake worker, Community Counselor, Executive Director of a Residential Facility with a million dollar budget.

Kathryn Miszewski, B.S.
Deputy Executive Director

Kathryn Miszewski graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2009 she also has an Associate’s degree in Applied Arts and Sciences in Marketing/Management. Kathryn has been with Best Drug Rehabilitation since 2012 and has experience as a Case Manager and Group Facilitator.

Roy King
Senior Director of Administration

Roy King has studied Business at the University of Illinois. He has had a career in all varieties of business and grew up in his families business of manufacturing and found interest in customer service and progressed into becoming a Sales Manager and a Facilitates/Plant Manager. Roy joined the company in 2014 and has experience in several departments including Group Facilitation, Drug Education and is the Recipient Rights Adviser for the clients.

Kim Cabot
Lead Kitchen Member

Kim Cabot is ServSafe Certified and has been working at Best Drug Rehabilitation since 2014. Kim will be managing the gardening program at the facility informs staff and clients about the benefits of growing your own vegetables and repurposes kitchen green waste by making/using compost for the BDR garden in the warmer months. Kim co-owns a deer processing business in the fall during hunting season.

Kim Harris, MA, LLPC
Substance Abuse Counselor

Mr. Harris has been a professional counselor at Best Drug Rehabilitation since 2014. He received his Master of Science Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University, a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and is currently pursuing his PhD in Clinical Psychology. Prior to joining Best Drug Rehabilitation Center Mr. Harris was employed in the Public Service for 25 years. Today, Kim enjoys working at Best Drug Rehabilitation where he has an integral role in helping save and change the lives of clients as they begin their individualized journey from addiction to recovery.

Robyn Savory, B.S., M.S.
Aftercare Specialist

Robyn Savory has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Ferris State University. She an internship at Child and Family Services where she worked on foster youth transitioning into and out of care. Along with an internship at Grand Traverse Court House and focused on a class called New Vision Academy. She was responsible for and coordinated and facilitated teen schedules and education curriculum.

Robyn has been employed with Best Drug Rehabilitation since 2014 and currently is as an Aftercare Specialist where she sets up tentative aftercare plans to help patients stay focused on their recovery post treatment.

Chasity Morris, B.A.
Case Manager

Chasity Morris has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Tusculum College in Tennessee. Chasity has a background working with families in a variety of settings ranging from mentoring children at inner city non-profit organizations, providing instruction in public school classrooms, and working with adults who have been diagnosed with co-occurring mental illnesses and addiction. She is currently a case manager at Best Drug Rehabilitation utilizing her diverse experiences and educational background to work as a family liaison and monitor the progression of clients throughout the program.

Carlos A Pinto
Withdrawal Specialist

Carlos Pintos has been with Best Drug Rehabilitation since 2015. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He works in the Detox portion of the facility. Carols has had struggles with addiction since he was teenager. After completing the BDR program he now chooses to help others that have shared a similar struggles as him to give back to those in recovery.

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